Remedy of the Day


(Recurrent Cold and Cough)

1. Make powder of 50 gms of Kali Mirch (Black Pepper)
2. 250gm of Patashas (batashe) ...

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Ath Ayurdhamah

अब सब मिल मंगल गायेंगे, जन-जन को स्वस्थ बनायेंगे!!

Let everyone be happy and healthy..

In today’s life most of us are busy with multitude of activities in order to perform in our respective work spaces in addition to bearing social and family responsibilities. Some time we may not even be aware of it but mostly this combination of demand on our time and energy throws us out of balance every day. This state of imbalance at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, leads to compromised physical health, loss of mental peace, shattered relationships and reduced output.

Ath Ayurdhamah, through its various activities is dedicated to restoring and maintaining this lost balance through the understanding and practice of age-old systems of Ayurveda and Yoga. Our strength lies in understanding the body at constitutional level and its relation with mother nature.  

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