Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedy for Eye Problems

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Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedy for Eye Problems


(in Children or Adults)
1. Triphala Churn (following three in equal quantity) – 1 tsf
a) Amla (Gooseberry or phyllanthus emlica)
b) Harar or Haritaki ( Indian Gall Nut or Terminalia Chebula)
c) Bahera or Bibhitaki (Beleric Myrobalan)
2. Shahad (Honey) – 1 tsf
3. Melted Ghee (Butter Oil) – 1/2 tsf

Very important to note the unequal quantity of Ghee and Shahad (Equal quantity has poisonous properties).
Twice a day (Morning – Empty Stomach and Evening – Before Dinner).

Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedy for Weak Eyesight

(in Children or Adults)
1. Safed Mirch (White Pepper) – 50 gms
2. Badam Giri (Almond) – 50 gms
3. Saunf (Fennel Seed) – 50 gms
4. Mishri (Crystallized Sugar Lumps) – 150 gms

Prepare a powder of the mixture.
Taking half spoon-full of this powder twice a day (morning and evening) with warm milk will strengthen your eye sight.
In case Children object to having this, you could increase the quantity of Mishri or reduce the quantity of Safed-Mirch.


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