Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Akarkara

Akarkara, is a perennial herb which is usually found in North Africa, Mediterranean regions, Arabian countries, Himalayas in North India. The root of this herb is used in Ayurveda and Siddha medicines from centuries. The root has a pungent efficacy which relieves toothache and promotes flow of saliva, thus making it a popular spice. It produces a tingling effect and heat when applies to the skin. Recent experiments with this medicines on mice has revealed anabolic properties which acts similar to the testosterone hormone in male. Latest studies reveal that Akarkara has aphrodisiac and libido stimulant properties which improves the physical strength and performance in male during physical contact.

Medicinal uses of Akrakara:

  • Primarily, Akarkara acts a good aphrodisiac and increases the physical strength and reduces the premature ejaculation problem in men.

  • When taken in specified dosages with its libido stimulant properties Akarkara increases the production of testosterone hormone in male thereby enhancing the fertility and sperm count.

  • This root acts a good medicine to treat impotency and erectile dysfunction in men.

  • The root boiled with oil is used in body massages to cure hemiplegia and nerve disability.

  • Unani medicine uses Akarkara root in numerous aphrodisiac oils.

  • The pungent effect of the Akarkara decoction works wonders in treating toothaches, dental problems and tonsillitis.

  • Akarkara Nasya is given to patients who are suffering from chronic cold and rhinitis.

  • Using Akarkara helps regulate the body metabolism by expelling the toxic body fluids.

  • Delayed speech development issues in children can be treated with the powder made from Akarkara.

Side-effects of Akarkara:

  • Intake of this medicine in high dosages or without proper doctor consultation, can cause varying side-effects. It can result in bleeding, increase in heart rate, nausea, unconsciousness etc. So the medicine should be administered along with required dosages of antidotes.