Ayurvedic Way of Eating

How should we eat as per Ayurveda?

Modern society seems to be better educated, richer and scientifically more developed. But unfortunately most of the people in all age groups are affected with either physical weakness or a major health issue. The situation is so bad that we can see planning for monthly supplies of health tonics as normal.

We can see deterioration of general health and increasing number of diseases despite of continuously improving general awareness about health. This was the main reason for me to go under e the root of violations in food and lifestyle.

Ayurveda is the only and unique scripture that is focussed on protection of health of a healthy person. The text is full of details on all aspects of edibles i.e. food items and their impact on health and lifestyle.

No doubt, now a days we have full attention on quality food items but we are rather ignorant or unaware about equally important aspects like quantity, timing, process etc. Probably these are the reasons for continuously falling level of health in spite of all round progress in other aspects of life.

There is lot of information available in our texts about all the edible items, but in this possibility of a long series of work, we have chosen the most important and regularly used item of our food i.e. water. Please click on the links below to read about correct way of consuming water.

We will subsequently add more items to the list.