Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Brahmi

Brahmi is a perennial and creeping herb used in Ayurvedic medicines usually found in the wetlands. It is a native herb to South India, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, South America and North America. It commonly grows in marshy areas and is a popular choice among aquarium plants. Brahmi finds its mention in books starting 6th century A.D. in Charka Samhita, Susurta Samhita, Atharva-Veda. It is considered as a ‘Medhya Rsayana’- a herb which can sharpen the intellect and reduce mental disorders. It is believed that the Ancient vedic scholars were using Brahmi herb in order to memorize the lengthy scriptures, hymns or notations, enhance memory, learning and to improve concentration. It is also known for its anti-ageing, anti-diabetic and anti-oxidant properties.

Several modern research suggests that the herb possesses cell-protective properties and acts as an antioxidant. It is believed to increase cerebral blood flow. Brahmi is bitter in taste, astringent, light to digest, cold in potency and it converts to sweet after digestion. It balances kapha and vata in human body. The whole plant is used in making juice, powder or capsules which is administered in different dosages.

Benefits of using Brahmi:

  • Anti-inflammatory herb used in treating anaemia and recurrent fever.

  • Used in treating skin diseases, itching and pruritis.

  • Used in treating spleen disorders.

  • It improves digestion, life quality and works as an anti-ageing medicine.

  • It is believed to improve concentration, intelligence and memory power and useful in treating psychiatric disorders.

  • Used in treating speech impairment problems in children and improves quality of voice.

  • It acts as a cardiac tonic which regulates the blood flow.

  • Its anti-diabetic properties help to curb and regulate blood sugar levels.

  • Used to relieve asthma, chronic bronchial disorders, cough and cold.

Side effects of Brahmi:

Brahmi is not advisable for people with low heart rate or with stomach ulcers as it might tend to increase such issues.