Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Dhatura

Dhatura is an annual and perennial herb which grows as a wild plant in warmer parts of the world. The plant is cultivated for its chemical, medicinal and ornamental properties worldwide. The plant borne beautiful flowers which are in number of colours like white, cream, yellow, red and violet which makes them a popular choice for ornamental plants. This plant is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine.

The plant is highly poisonous due to the presence of high levels of tropane alkaloids. Its highly toxic properties maybe fatal, if consumed by humans, livestock or pets. Due to such toxicity, the cultivation and selling of this plant is prohibited. Even ingesting a tiny quantity of this plant results in flushed skin, headaches, convulsions, hallucination and even results in coma.

This plant is used in Ayurvedic medicines after proper purification and with proper supervision. Seeds, flowers, bark, fruits and leaves of the plant are used in Ayurveda. Dhatura is bitter, pungent, dry and light which is very useful to balance vata and kapha doshas.

Properties of Dhatura:

  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-oxidant

Medicinal uses of Dhatura:

  • Dhatura improves the skin quality when applied externally.

  • Application of Dhatura on affected area helps quick wound healing and relives inflammation and pain.

  • Used in external applications to treat skin disorders which detoxifies skin and reduces itching.

  • Dhatura helps relieving fever.

  • Purified Dhatura seeds in very small quantities with proper medical supervision is administered to patients suffering from chronic respiratory disorders, dysuria and asthma.

  • Some folklore medicines of Africa use the seeds of Dhatura to insert them into teeth cavities or chewed to relive dental pain.

Side effects of Dhatura:

The seeds of Dhatura are often used as a substitute for opium. Dhatura when smoked along with tobacco and clove oil causes hallucination, active dreams and unwanted psychological effects.