Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Draksha

Draksha or Grapes is a native plant of India which is widely grown or cultivated in western parts of India, Mediterranean region, Europe, South western Asia, Morocco, Portugal, Germany and Iran. The grape can be eaten raw or processed to prepare wine or even dried to make raisins. Usage of grapes is known to date back Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Harappa-Mohenjo-Daro and Greek civilizations. They had mastered the art of both grape cultivation and wine making.

Ayurveda indicates the grape fruit as “Draksha Phalottama”– which means that the grape fruit is the best out of all others. Dry, ripened, semi ripe or fully ripened which tastes both sweet and sour are used in different medicines.

Properties of Draksha:

  • Unctuous, oily and sweet
  • It is a coolant which balances vata and pitta doshas.
  • Soft in nature and resemble cow udder
  • Nourishing, juicy
  • Aphrodisiac

Benefits of Draksha:

  • Semi ripened grapes tastes more sour which improves appetite and taste.

  • Ripened grapes is very useful in treating bleeding disorders.

  • Ripened grapes help relieve thirst, acts as a natural coolant and has a soothing effect.

  • Dry grapes or raisins helps to ease bowel movement and to cool eyes.

  • Raisins are used in treating excessive thirst, respiratory problems, fever, vomiting, gout, liver problems, burning sensation etc.

  • Raisins can relieve stress, anxiety and clams the mind.

  • Raisins are also used treat intestinal disorders.

  • Even though Draksha is the main ingredient in wine making, they can reduce the hangover caused by excessive alcohol intake.

  • It is advisable for students to regularly eat the raisins soaked in water to avoid tiredness.

  • Raisins help to increase male and female fertility. It helps to increase the quality of semen, sperm count and its motility. It is also known to strengthen female reproductive organs. They are also used to treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Side effects of Draksha:

Unripe grapes or Draksha, taste pungent and are hot in nature which might cause pitta imbalance in body.