Ghritkumari (Aloe Vera)

Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Ghritkumari

Ghritkumari (Aloe Vera) is a succulent plant species which grows as a wild plant in tropical climates. It is cultivated around the world for its cosmetic, agricultural and medicinal uses. It is also grown indoors as potted plants for decorative purposes. It is used in traditional medicine or sometimes even as a home remedy for multi-purpose skin treatment. Due to its moisturising and cooling properties, it is used in numerous commodities like tissues, make up kits, moisturisers, soaps, incense sticks, sunscreen, shaving creams and shampoos.

It is bitter, heavy, oily, unctuous and known for its cold potency. It is called ‘Kumari (young girl)’ as it treats the common problems of young girls like pimples, skin problems and menstrual problems.

Therapeutic uses of Ghritkumari:

  • Useful in treating constipation, abdominal tumours, spleen disorders, hepatitis and fibroids.

  • Useful in treating fever, boils, blisters and burn wounds.

  • Useful in treating bleeding disorders like nasal bleeding, heavy periods and menstrual cycle problems.

  • Useful in treating skin disorders and psoriasis.

  • Used in treating neuralgia, constipation, bloating and paralysis.

  • Its excellent anti-ageing properties can rejuvenate the skin.

  • It improves strength and immunity and vigour.

  • It Due to its laxative and wound healing properties, it is very useful in treating haemorrhoids.

  • Its blood thinning properties help balance body cholesterol.

  • It improves ovulation thereby increasing the fertility rate in women.

  • Due to its anti-bacterial properties, its juice is very much useful in treating skin diseases, stomach ailments and as a blood detoxifier.

  • The pulp available from its leaf is very useful to heal burn wounds, acne, boils, blisters and skin allergies.

  • It can even prevent diaper rashes in infants.

  • It is used in treating asthma, cold and wheezing.

  • It is useful in relieving burning sensation in eyes, redness and irritation.

  • Used in diabetic medicine.

  • It is also used in treating dry mouth and enhances taste buds.