Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris)

Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Gokshura

Gokshura, scientifically known as Tribulus terrestris, is a normal tonic derived by ancient Greeks and is used as an Ayurvedic medicine as well. It helps maintain efficient kidney and helps urinary function properly and also reducing discomfort of renal. Gokshura helps smooth urine flow and soothes urinary tract’s membranes. It has also been described as an aphrodisiac by Ayurveda as it helps boost libido by increasing testosterone hormones.

According to Ayurvedic traditions, Gokshura is a wonderful healing plant with a broad range of properties, recently becoming very popular in Western herbal medicinal system under the common name “Puncture Vine” and the abbreviated Latin name Tribulus. It is used for its demonstrated ability to increase Luteal Hormone in men and women, leading to increased testosterone. One of its important functions is to purify blood and clean the urinary tract. This herb is also useful to women for coping up with premenstrual and menopausal syndrome. It is used in the form of whole plant and seed.

Gokshura is used also in curing headaches, itching sensation or eye problems such as conjunctivitis and weak vision. It is helpful in lowering the blood pressure and cholesterol level by ensuring proper functionality of heart.