Kantkari (Solanum Xanthocarpum)

Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Kantkari

Kantkari (Latinname - Solanum Xanthocarpum), is an Ayurvedic herb used for curing diseases and disorders mainly related to respiratory system such as cough, asthma, sore throat in its different forms. Its scientific name is Solanum Surattense and is popularly called Yellow-berried nightshade. The juice of its berries can be used in getting relief from sore throat. The essence of its root is taken along with honey to treat cough. Pregnant women are cautioned NOT to take Kantkari in any form.

Here are some of the benefits of Kantkari:

  • It is helpful in migraine and headache as well. Nasal intake of its steam helps getting rid of headache as well as asthma.

  • It has been used for treatment of neurological disorders. Its juice droplets when inhaled ensure the proper functioning of the central nervous system.

  • The paste made from the herb reduces pain in swollen joints.

  • It is also taken as dietary supplement for purgation and removal of other toxic wastes. Thus, it acts as cleansing agent and provides a healthy digestive tract.

  • Being an anti inflammatory blood purifier, it is helpful in case of cardiac disorders and diseases like edema.

  • Its seeds have aphrodisiac properties and thus give an efficient reproductive system.