Karela (Momordica charantia)

Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Karela

Karela - Common names of Momordica charantia include bitter gourd, karela, ampalaya, balsam apple and balsam pear. Karela normally demand tropical conditions to grown and hence is found in parts of Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America. The herb grows as a vine to about 6-8 feet. The fruit and leaves produce a bitter flavor, and hence the name bitter gourd.

Medicinal uses of Karela:

  • Bitter Melon has many multiple health benefits. It is good for diabetes patients. Bitter melon has been since a long time as a treatment for diabetes, to prevent hepatitis and measles, to get rid of parasites and worms and as a topical application for healing wounds. In many regions of South America, it is used to cure a range of ailments including malaria and skin problems to name a few.

  • Karela is used as an aphrodisiac & it is a well known anti-inflammatory agent.

  • The leaves of karela are used to prepare tea; it is known to provide relief from the spasmodic pains of large intestine.

  • While karela features a wide array of benefits, it especially has attracted a lot of attention by being an herbal treatment for diabetes. The effectiveness of the herb in this regard seems to be supported by a lot of clinical research. Moreover, it is considered as a natural alternative to various conventional drugs in the treatment of diabetes.

  • Karela can also be used to treat other conditions including piles, blood disorders, cholera, respiratory disorders, and alcoholism. It is also good for treating acute bleeding piles.

  • Much research is being performed to study the efficacy of karela to fight HIV infections as well as several types of cancer.

  • Karela not just has multiple health benefits, but can also help in fighting many disesases and boost the immune levels.