Kesar (Crocus Sativus)

Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Kesar

Kesar, known as saffron in English, is a rare and an exotic spice. Besides, it is the most expensive spice. Saffron (Crocus Sativus) is also referred to as the golden spice because of its colour (reddish-golden). It is grown in many parts of the world that includes many Asian and European countries. Saffron is always in demand owing to its flavour, fragrance, and colour; however, it is also important to note that it also has some therapeutic benefits.

Health benefits offered by Kesar

  • Kesar contains antioxidants which protect the skin from damaging free radicals. So, it is very valuable in several anti-ageing natural treatments.

  • Scientists have identified various compounds in Kesar that have anti-mutagenic and anti-carcinogenic properties. Saffron extracts even seem to delay some types of tumor growth.

  • During pregnancy, women are usually advised to take saffron milk because it improves pelvic blood flow. In addition, it has carminative properties. It helps ease digestion & reduce flatulence. Pregnant women also tend to experience anxiety, mood swings, and depression. Saffron induces serotonin production in the body; so, it is perfect to pep up gloomy days.

  • Kesar also helps in treating macular degeneration. Kesar not just slows down the process of degeneration but also helps heal the damaged cells.

  • Kesar is effectively used in the treatment of asthma and conditions pertaining the liver and kidney. It helps clear the airways as it reduces the inflammation. As a result, easy breathing is facilitated, an important aspect of asthmatic cure.