Lavang (Syzygium aromaticum)

Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Lavang

Lavang or clove is called Syzygium aromaticum in Latin and it is a spice that is mainly used for flavouring different varieties of foods. It is one of the most distinctive spices that can not only be used for seasoning but also in the form of a very powerful and effective health supplement. Syzygium aromaticum has great many applications and uses. In the modern times, Lavang is used in the form of a useful healing compound that has the capability of offering great relief from a number of medical problems. The dietary herbal use of this spice can help in relieving a number of ailments both external and internal. In the form of a supplement, this spice can be used in its ground form or whole form and even be reduces into an essential oil.

Medicinal Uses of Lavang

The medicinal uses of Lavang are as follows:

  • It helps in soothing and relaxing the inner lining of the intestines and thus aides in digestion. This spice can even be effective in relieving an upset stomach.

  • Lavang can also be used for helping the esophagus produce phlegm and serve in the form of an expectorant which makes cough less severe.

  • It possesses analgesic properties that help in relieving tooth pain.

  • Although less effective, Lavang can even be applied to the outer skin for helping in poison ivy and sunburn.

  • This anti microbial agent helps in killing bacteria and parasites that live in the digestive tract. If taken in the right dosage, it can also be of good use in relieving excessive bloating and gas.

  • The compounds present in clove serve in the form of antihistamines that help in keeping the sinus passageways open and clear.

  • Clove is also useful in relieving cholera.

  • It serves in the form of an effective remedy for all those patients who suffer from asthma.