Methika (Trigonella foenum gracum)

Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Methika

The Latin name of Methika or Methi is Trigonella foenum-gracum. Methika is a commonly used ingredient in Indian dishes is cultivated worldwide for its culinary or medicinal values. Dried or fresh leaves, seeds, fresh leaves, whole plant of this herb are used. It is known to improve digestion, very useful in anorexia and to balance blood sugar levels. It also has anti-ageing properties which reduces the wear and tear in the body. It is also a good medicine for weakness and debility. It is also taken as a preventive medicine to reduce arthritis.

Methi is light to digest, unctuous, oily, pungent and has hot potency. It balances kapha and vata doshas in body. It has excellent vata pacifying properties.

Medicinal Uses of Methika:

  • Methika is used to treating neurolagia, paralysis, bloating, loose motions etc.

  • A fistful of Methi seeds taken along with curd instantly reduces the loose motions.

  • It is used to treat cough, asthma, chest congestion and bronchitis.

  • Heavy menstrual periods, abdominal cramps and other bleeding disorders such as nasal bleeding can be relived using Methika.

  • It improves digestion strength.

  • It is an excellent herb which improves the breast milk secretion hence administered for lactating mothers.

  • It is an appetizer and carminative which treats anorexia, loss of appetite and fever.

  • Methika seeds are given in the post-natal period for new mothers to improve their excretory as well as menstrual functions.

  • Methika seeds paste applied on hair gives a lustrous, black and thick hair.

  • The powder made from Methika is used as glactogogue.

  • The herb is used in dyspepsia, indigestion, as aphrodisiac and in rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Roasted Methika seeds can cure diarrhea and small pox.

  • It can relive abdominal colic pain, urinary tract disorders.

  • It is known to reduce the cholesterol and assists in weight loss.