Pudina (Mentha Arvensis Linn.)

Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Pudina

Mint or Spear Mint or Pudina is a native plant of Europe and Asia, which is usually grown or cultivated in The middle East, South America, North Africa, West Africa, China, etc. The plant grows easily in temperate climates and even grown as a potted plant.

The leaves of Pudina are used fresh, dried or frozen and can be preserved in salt, sugar, alcohol or oil. The fresh leaves of Pudina have a unique aroma and taste which makes it a popular choice in different cuisines. The oil made of Pudina is very aromatic and is usually called as oil of spearmint which is widely used as a flavoring agent in toothpaste, confectionery and even in shampoos and soaps. Apart from different cuisines, Pudina is also used in making aromatic beverages and is an essential ingredient in green tea, sweet tea, Moroccan tea, Mojito as so on.

Pudina is a famous choice both in cuisines and as a medicine due to its excellent aroma, taste and therapeutic value. Pudina or Pudina Oil has properties which can pacify the pitta and kapha dosha in the body and aggravate vata dosha.

Medicinal Properties of Pudina:

  • A natural carminative, which soothes the digestive system, relives indigestion problems, motion sickness, colic pain, flatulence, food poisoning, nausea, intestinal peristalsis and other stomach disorders.
  • It is also used in treating intestinal and stomach ulcers.
  • Helps reduce intestinal inflammation
  • It has properties which can clear all sorts of stagnation in the body which might be the cause for sickness.
  • Pudina is used in treating respiratory problems like asthma, cold, bronchitis, nasal congestion, sinus and congestion in the lungs.
  • It also relieves sore throat, headache, chest congestion and runny nose.
  • Pudina is used to reduce fever and neuralgia.
  • Pudina Oil is an excellent medicine for menstrual pain and blocked menstruation.
  • It nurtures the skin, reduces pain and inflammation.
  • Its fresh aroma can rejuvenate the body and mind when used as a beverage.