Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Reetha

Reetha, also popular as Indian Soapberry or Washnut, has its origin in the Western coastal regions of Maharashtra. Especially in Konkan, and Go, reetha is very popular. It is a deciduous tree that breeds along the mid hills and lower foothills of the Himalayas till the elevation of 4000 feet. It has been estimated that one tree has the capacity to produce around 35 kg of fruits every year.

The Reetha tree is valued owing to its fruit that is used for various therapeutic and cleaning purposes. The Reetha fruit has been vehemently used in the Ayurveda medicines for its excellent medicinal values in treating skin diseases and psychiatric disorders.

Reetha is basically an organic herb with various health benefits. Called by a number of different names, the most important used part of this plant is its fruit. It is extremely beneficial for hair and is used as one of the main ingredients of ayurvedic shampoos and conditioners.

External Benefits of Reetha

  • Used to cure Leprosy, Goitre and many other skin diseases
  • Reetha Solution or powder is used in Migraines and Delirium
  • Reetha leaves and bark Chloasma is used to treat Rheumatism, Gout or either paralytic disorders
  • Used for hair treatments along with Amla and Shikakai herbs

Internal Benefits of Reetha

  • Treats all types of abdominal disorders and worm disease like Helminthiasis
  • Helps in treating blood disorders
  • Used to cure respiratory system disorders like a cough and breathing problems
  • It is beneficial in reproductive system disorders like Dystocia
  • Works really well in curing skin disorders
  • Reetha is also used to reduce the effect of Venoms like Laudanum

Reetha is listed as a well-known herb in the record of herbs and minerals in Ayurveda. It accounts for the great help in alleviating skin problems like psoriasis, getting rid of blackheads, eczema, freckles, and pimples. Reetha also possesses anti-fungal characteristics that can cure fungal infections in head and hair.

Having so many benefits, Reetha also has many side effects as well. It should be prevented from directly entering into the eye. Take special precaution while using as it has insecticidal traits that can be itching to your eyes. Some people have in-borne allergies of Reetha, so rashes or irritations are noticed on the hair or skin, then the use of it should be right away avoided. Use this famous herb with utmost care and take benefits out of its excellent medicinal values.