Via Vidang

Via Vidang (Embilia ribes)

Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Via Vidang

The botanical name of Via Vidang is Embilia ribes and it is one of the most powerful and useful anti-parasitic herbs use for treating intestinal worm infestations. This herb is also known as False black pepper. This is due to the fact that it appears similar to black pepper. Via Vidang is a large semi climber shrub featuring drooping long branches, simple leaves, upper shiny surface, wrinkled and globular fruits and greenish white flowers. It can easily be found in Indian Archipelago, India, Southern China, East Africa and Tropical Asia. Via Vidang can be digested very easily and it also helps in drying up excessive moistness.

Medicinal Uses of Via Vidang

There are a number of medicinal benefits that can be fetched from the use of Embilia ribes and these include:

  • Via Vidang can effectively be used for burning fat. It helps in the weight loss procedure by drying up the moist content of the fat cells and by boosting metabolism. Increased metabolism is highly effective in storing body fat.
  • This herb can also be used for healing skin conditions like pimple and acne. When applied externally for healing skin diseases, it purifies blood and works on the lymph. The herb helps in reducing inflammation and helps in eliminating skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and pimples.
  • Via Vidang is also effective in relieving constipation. It is quite helpful in emptying the bowel when consumed in the form of tea. This herb prevents indigestion as well.
  • Via Vidang can also be used as an effective treatment for haemorrhoids or piles. It increases the motility of the intestines while easing bowel evacuation.
  • The regular use of Via Vidang can help an individual in getting rid of intestinal parasites. This is because of the anti-helmintic properties of the herb.