Vrahati (Solanum indicum)

Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Vrahati

Vrahati or Solanum indicum possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties. It is one among the Dashmoola group of 10 roots. Not only its roots but even its fruits are used for treating different conditions among which the most common condition is respiratory disorder. Vrahati is found throughout India and most commonly is waste accumulating areas, open scrublands and roadsides. It is a branched shrub that is quite prickly and grows at the height of 1 to 5 meters. The small branches of this shrub feature small star-shaped hair while the prickles are shiny yellow. The leaves of this shrub are generally 10 cm in length and it grows purple flowers which are 2 cm long. The fruits are round and dark yellow in colour.

Medicinal Uses of Vrahati

The wide scale medicinal uses of Vrahati include:

  • Externally, fresh juice extracted from Vrahati is applied on alopecia areata along with honey.
  • Powders made from Vrahati rhizomes and fruits are beneficial in alleviating intense itching and in curing pruritus vulvae.
  • Gargling with the decoction made of Vrahati is quite effective in treating Halitosis or bad breathe. In this case, Vrahati works in the form of a very effective deodorant.
  • The paste made from the seeds of this shrub can be applied on the penis for curing erecting failure.
  • Powder made from the seeds of Solanum indicum can be inhaled in the form of snuff for working as an effective stimulant in samjnasana.
  • Paste made of Vrahati leaves helps in alleviating itching and pain.
  • The juice of Vrahati fruit mixed with ghee and honey can be effective in curbing vomiting.
  • This plant is quite beneficial for different digestive problems like abdominal pain, colitis, worms and loss of appetite.
  • It can also serve as the best cure for respiratory problems such as cough, cold, sinusitis and asthma.