Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

All about Anxiety Symptoms

Getting worried is not something abnormal; in fact, everyone gets worried at times. However, if you have anxiety disorder, you seem to stay worried, have fears that the worst is going to happen and you cannot relax. You are not worried about anything in particular, but feel worried and tensed all day long. You might also experience aches and pains that are unexplainable.

Anxiety is the reaction of the body to an anticipated, perceived, or imagined threatening situation or danger; it is not an uncommon occurrence. Most of the people experience it before/after a stressful incident or event, for instance, a traumatic loss or an important presentation. A little anxiety is never a bad thing. It motivates you to perform your best and helps you respond suitably to danger. By knowing the anxiety symptoms, you will know better when you should seek professional help.

A lot of people do not realize the truth that the way they think when they suffer from anxiety turns on the ‘fight and flight’ response. Your body cannot identify the difference between the thoughts: what if I am cheated, what if I get a panic attack, what if I meet with an accident, what if things go wrong, why this is happening only to me, what if I am diagnosed with a serious disease… is important to be aware of the anxiety symptoms.

The most common anxiety symptoms include:

  1. Dizziness or faintness and fear of dying
  2. Chest pain or chest discomfort, choking, chronic worry, and exaggerated tension
  3. Fear of losing control or going crazy; sensing a lump in the throat
  4. Feelings of strangeness, unreality or detachment from the surrounding
  5. Feeling extremely exhausted
  6. Chills or flushes, not able to relax or rest, hot flashes, irritability, and headaches
  7. Nausea, diarrhoea, muscle tension and feeling numbness
  8. Palpitations or fluttering in the chest and experiencing bad thoughts
  9. Excessive sweating, trembling, and repetitive habits
  10. Easily startled, shortness of breath and smothering sensation
  11. Sleeping disorders and not able to concentrate properly

Complications associated with anxiety disorders are most probably connected to feelings of depression or inadequacy as people with these conditions are aware that their behavior is unreasonable and highly damaging to their lives. Depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobia and anxiety are all interconnected. Be well informed to protect yourself; know the anxiety symptoms and take action right away.

Facts on Anxiety Symptoms and Treatment for Anxiety

When the main cause of anxiety is found and treated, complete recovery is possible most of the times. If no cause is readily identified, anxiety may be present for a long time, perhaps the entire life, until and unless the anxiety symptoms are treated. Good medications are available to help treat many of the symptoms. Counselling with psychiatrists or psychologists can also be highly effective. However, these days, most people rely on herbal medicine to treat anxiety. Herbal medicines work on the core problem and eliminate the illness completely from the body. Supragya is a great nerve tonic that works 100% to get rid of anxiety. Good news is that the tonic is completely natural and does not cause any adverse effects. What’s more, it is inexpensive yet very effective!


Supragya Ark

Each 10ml contains extract from:

1 Vacha Mool 250mg
2 Ashwagandha Mool 500mg.
3 Shankhpushpi Panchang 250mg
4 Brahmi Panchang 250mg
5 Jatamansi Mool 500mg
6 Arjuna Twak 375mg
7 Gokchhur Mool 250mg
8 Shatavari Kand 375mg
9 Punarnava Mool 375mg
10 Peepal Panchang 500mg
11 Draksha Phal 500mg
12 Vat Panchang 500mg
13 Amlaki Phal 125mg
14 Haritaki Phal 125mg
15 Vibhitaki Phal 125mg

Supragya Capsules

Each Capsule contains water extract from:

1 Vacha Mool 250mg
2 Ashwagandha Mool 1mg
3 Shankhpushpi Panchang 1mg
4 Brahmi Panchang 1mg
5 Jatamansi Mool 500mg
6 Amlaki Phal 500mg
7 Haritaki Phal 125mg
8 Shunthi Kand 125mg
8 Yasthimadhu Mool 500mg

Dose: 25 ml of Ark* with equal quantity of water + 2 capsules – once (low), twice (medium) or thrice (high) a day after meals.

* It is always good to start with 10ml and 2 capsules dose. Increase the liquid dose by 5ml every third day till you reach 25ml.

Supragya is Completely Natural - No Chemicals - No Side-Effects - Try it today.

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