Ayurvedic Remedies for Depression

Simple Ayurvedic Remedies for Depression

Ath Ayurdhamah

The illness of depression is affecting a large number of people around the world. Both depression and anxiety have become inseparable parts of modern life. They are the most dreadful disorders, which people face in their lives. Depression can develop from dissatisfactions, over expectations from life and especially when you cannot handle defeat. Everyone wants to win and be successful but fails to realise that failure is a part of life. Very few people have the attitude of accepting defeats, learning from them and then heading towards success. People become unhappy due to lack of sufficient finances, for not attaining the educational status, or for failure to get high recognition in society. Depression is also the result of any unresolved past emotional problems in a person’s life which can even be from his or her childhood days.

People often go for general medications for treating depression while the truth is that the medication must vary from person to person depending upon the root cause of depression. When depression is left untreated, it may become the causative factor of many diseases which can worsen the situation even more.

Signs of Depression:

  • Breathing troubles.
  • Tremors and sweating.
  • Headaches and palpitations.
  • Weakness in muscles and excessive fatigue.
  • Sleep disorders and having nightmares.
  • Stomach upsets and indigestion.

The Ayurvedic Perspective Of Depression:

There are different sheaths for various levels of consciousness in a person’s body. The self of an individual resides in their heart which is known as the seat for the Aanandamaya Kosha. When a person gets shocked or hurt, he or she uses the mind to build up a barrier to protect oneself. This barrier prevents a person from getting access to the self, which in turn results in depression.

There must always be a flow of prana shakti which helps to keep the doshas of the body in balance. When the etiological factors affect you, the prana Shakti gets restricted and you tend to lose interest in your life.

Depression is mainly the cause of imbalance in the three doshas: Kapha, Vatha, and Pitha. The most predominant among the doshas is the Kapha. People behave abnormally on facing such imbalances in the body and there is a negative energy that starts flowing through them. This ultimately leads to depression and hopelessness.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Depression:

Ayurveda aims at understanding the level of imbalance and the unique constitution of the patient for proper treatment. There are several herbal remedies for depression, which help to correct imbalances of the mental state of the doshas. Slowly, the person starts moving towards his or her natural prakriti and the mental disorders are vanished. The treatment obviously depends on the willpower of the patient. He or she must abide by the instructions of the physician to get best results.

As per Ayurveda, oil massages are great for treating any kind of depression and anxiety. The use of herbs like Guggulu, turmeric, ashwagandha, Brahmi, and jatamansi work wonders for people suffering from depression. You must also adhere to the ideal diet chart, which helps in maintain both mental and physical health. You must never eat to your full capacity. Do not add spicy, hot and pungent smells to your food, which aggravates the senses even more. Infuse more of salads and fluids in your daily diet. You may also take coffee and tea occasionally for the stimulation of the brain. Some people lose interest in foods owing to depression. In such a case, nothing must be forced on them as it could lead to vomiting. Intake of more fruits is quite beneficial for such people. These natural remedies for depression are so simple that anyone can introduce them in their lives.

Physical activities and yoga help in strengthening the body and mind. Breathing exercises, in particular, are great for the patients. The body remains clean and also there is a good flow of nutrients and mental energy. Halasana, sarvangasana, vakrasana, bhujangasana, etc. are some of the asanas which are highly beneficial for reducing depression. It helps you in getting positive thoughts and eliminates the negativity out of your mind.