Deal with Diabetes

Effective Natural Ways to Deal with Diabetes

Ath Ayurdhamah

Summary:This article deals with the symptoms of diabetes and the various kinds of Ayurvedic remedies and lifestyle changes that patients should adopt. It also discusses how this disease has spread globally and who are most likely to be affected by it.

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Ayurveda is the ancient Indian method of treatment and is approximately 3000 years old. It is till now one of the most trusted methods opted by people. It deals with wellness that balances delicately between the body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda uses special herbal compounds for the treatment of health and well-being.

Who is Affected by Diabetes?

Diabetes is one of the most widely found diseases all over the world. Type 2 affects most people and nearly 420 million people suffer from it. This variety creates a lifelong infliction because the body is no longer able to use the insulin produced by the pancreas. This insulin resistance starts after the age of 35 and hence it gets the name adult-onset diabetes. However, with a hectic schedule and sedentary lifestyle, now people below the age of 35 also are getting into the clutches of this deadly disease. In some, the diabetes is inherited while in others it is due to improper lifestyle and stress.

Symptoms and Scale

Some of the commonest symptoms of the Type 2 diabetes include fatigue, frequent urination, change in vision, delay in cuts and bruises getting healed. In some cases, people also require insulin injections to stay fit. Presently around 380 million people are suffering from diabetes worldwide. This figure is likely to double by 2030 according to World Health Organisation projection.It is one of the leading causes of amputations, heart failure, kidney failure, blindness and even stroke. Opting for diabetes treatment in Ayurveda is one of the possibilities of battling the huge growth in the disease.

Food and Lifestyle Changes

Among the many ayurvedic remedies for sugar control are the limited use of sugar and carbohydrates during this time so that patients can keep away from fat. Even among vegetable caution should be exercised in the selection of the food products like potato, rice, bleached flour, red meat and even sweets. Fruits juices like lemon and oranges can be consumed without any threat.Lifestyle changes are also needed so people have to stay away from smoking, alcohol consumption, and insufficient sleep to bring about a change in their diabetic condition.

Yoga and Exercise

Ayurveda recommends that just as some practices are deducted from the daily life there should also be certain inclusions like regular meditation, yoga, and pranayama. Any form of exercise is very essential to keep up the metabolism rate which helps in digestion of the food. There might be joint and muscle pain in diabetic patients which can be treated with the help of massage. Eye exercises are also recommended because vision problems tend to be faced by diabetic patients. Foot massage using oils with neem base is also recommended because wounds and ulcers do not heal easily in patients with diabetes.

Ayurvedic Herbs and Supplements

Since Ayurveda depends wholly on ayurvedic medicine for sugar control recommend treatment with the help of herbs and supplements like Syzygium Cumini (Jambubeej), Bitter Melon (Karella), Gymnema Sylvestre(Gudmaar), Embelica Officinalis (Amla) and Turmeric (Haldi). Along with these Ayurveda recommends the use of natural substances like fenugreek or methi seeds, white pepper, basil leaves, neem leaves, bael leaves, gooseberries, bitter gourd and more. Leafy vegetables should be made part of daily diet. Technology has successfully brought together and combined Ayurveda ingredients with modern research and development so that people can enjoy their benefits.


Ayurveda’s stress on the combination of natural medicines and a healthy lifestyle is important for battling a disease like diabetes. Though there is no cure for this ailment yet it can be controlled to an extent so that the organs remain safe and a healthy way of living can be adopted. Diabetes if not tackled at the right time can lead to disastrous consequences and even death.