How to Overcome Stress

How to Overcome Stress

Ideas about How to Overcome Stress

Needless to say, more than ever before, these days, people deal with stress on a regular basis. In fact, at some point of time, stress gets totally uncontrollable and we are in need to find out how to overcome stress and anxiety naturally. Well, there are numerous medications used to treat such problems; however, it is definitely safer and more beneficial to choose the natural methods to overcome stress. Let us take a look at how some natural methods can help cope up with anxiety and stress in life so that you can live much happier than before.

How to overcome stress naturally?

First of all, you will figure out that one of the ideal ways to get rid of anxiety and stress naturally is to eat a well balanced diet and the right foods. There are certain foods that help fight stress. Anxiety, caused due to stress, is often related to several deficiencies such as vitamin deficiency. Adding foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins to your diet is a great move; for instance, Vitamin B3, magnesium, omega 3 fatty acids, and the like. There are some foods you should avoid. It is better to stay away from foods having refined sugar, refined flour, caffeine, and alcohol if you want to remove anxiety and stress from your life.

How Can We Overcome Stress by Mind and Body Techniques

There are a number of mind and body techniques that you can use to naturally overcome the issue without resorting to medications. Yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi can be practiced to help revive the mind and body as well as to calm the mind, eventually making the mind stronger to deal with daily stress in a much better way. A lot of people have reported that these techniques have offered remarkable relief from stress and anxiety.

How to Overcome Stress by Natural therapies

Natural therapies including massage therapy, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and reiki can also be used to overcome stress without medication. These alternative treatments have shown real promise for people who wish to eliminate stress from their lives.

How Can We Overcome Stress by Rest and Relaxation

It is important to take adequate amount of rest during the day. Many people don’t relax often. This includes not getting enough sleep that contributes to improper mind functioning. All day long, the brain is working constantly. Therefore, it needs rest to repair and rejuvenate itself. So, sufficient amount of rest and sleep are quintessential to keep stress at bay.

Herbs – Superb stress busters

Herbs are a good option to overcome stress and anxiety in a natural way. For centuries, herbs have been used and there are a plenty of popular options available to calm the body and relieve the stress. Again, herbs used to treat stress vary from culture to culture. In some parts of the world, herbs like lemon balm, passionflower, skullcap, valerian, and kava kava are predominantly used. On the other hand, in Ayurveda or Indian medicine, ashwagandha, brahmi, shankapushpi, sesame, jatamansi and so on are used to eliminate stress from the body. These herbs treat insomnia, calm the nerves, soothe the entire body and totally remove stress.

Many people think it is easy to take pharmaceutical drugs in order to control stress. However, these drugs come with dangerous side effects that should be avoided. Moreover, they are addictive. So, it is always a better option to choose a natural remedy such as the Supragya, a 100% herbal nerve tonic that is very effective in curing stress.


Supragya Ark

Each 10ml contains extract from:

1 Vacha Mool 250mg
2 Ashwagandha Mool 500mg.
3 Shankhpushpi Panchang 250mg
4 Brahmi Panchang 250mg
5 Jatamansi Mool 500mg
6 Arjuna Twak 375mg
7 Gokchhur Mool 250mg
8 Shatavari Kand 375mg
9 Punarnava Mool 375mg
10 Peepal Panchang 500mg
11 Draksha Phal 500mg
12 Vat Panchang 500mg
13 Amlaki Phal 125mg
14 Haritaki Phal 125mg
15 Vibhitaki Phal 125mg

Supragya Capsules

Each Capsule contains water extract from:

1 Vacha Mool 250mg
2 Ashwagandha Mool 1mg
3 Shankhpushpi Panchang 1mg
4 Brahmi Panchang 1mg
5 Jatamansi Mool 500mg
6 Amlaki Phal 500mg
7 Haritaki Phal 125mg
8 Shunthi Kand 125mg
8 Yasthimadhu Mool 500mg

Dose: 25 ml of Ark* with equal quantity of water + 2 capsules – once (low), twice (medium) or thrice (high) a day after meals.

* It is always good to start with 10ml and 2 capsules dose. Increase the liquid dose by 5ml every third day till you reach 25ml.

Supragya is Completely Natural - No Chemicals - No Side-Effects - Try it today.

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