Importance of Nerve Tonic – Supragya

Poor lifestyle, bad eating habits and in-adaptability to adverse conditions have led to a lot of problems in people including nervous dysfunction, stress, anxiety, depression, anger, phobia, palpitation, insomnia, lack of confidence, intolerance, irritability and so much more. These conditions are probably the result of some problem in the nerves. The best treatment for such nerve-related health problems is in the world’s oldest medicinal system, the Ayurveda.


It is a unique system of medicine that had been delivering extraordinary cures and remedies for centuries as it believes in treating the human body as a whole instead of fiddling with the symptoms of a specific part.

How the body system works

The human body is a complex system of interconnected parts and the controlling organ of all these parts is the brain. The brain, in turn, makes use of the network of nerves to communicate all its needs to the other parts of the body. Paradoxically, the brain cannot store any nutrients and requires constant replenishment to function at its optimum. If there isn’t enough nutrition, the efficiency of the brain is affected and so is the corresponding network of nerves. Unluckily, the present day lifestyle and the fast paced life put huge amounts of stress on the body and the brain. Ultimately, there is nervous exhaustion that adds to the further stress physically as well as mentally.

Stress and its effects

As everyone knows, stress is the primary cause of most physical and emotional disorders and various chronic illnesses like hypertension, heart attack, stroke, low immunity and consequential viral infections, cancers, and autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Moreover, it causes skin problems like atopic dermatitis, hives and rashes, gastrointestinal disorders including irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, peptic ulcers and GERD, and also contributes to sleeplessness and degenerative neurological disorders such as the Parkinson’s disease.

The solution

Well, we can do some modifications like controlling our food choices; however, we cannot change the entire environment around us overnight or escape the fast paced life and our duties. Therefore, what can we do to ensure that we can live an energetic, healthy and a calm life without stress? Resort to energy drinks, mood enhancers or anti-depressants? No, that is not the solution. Pills are not a solution as they don’t serve the purpose but make the condition worse by causing a number of side effects. Finding out and addressing the root cause of the problem is the ideal way to get rid of any illness or discomfort. We are fortunate enough as we have the most ancient system of Ayurveda promising a solution for this without any side effects.

Using a mix of Ayurvedic herbs, a natural herbal nerve tonic called the Supragya has been introduced that works gently, naturally and efficiently to heal the body from the inside, making sure that the patient not only gets symptomatic relief but also gets the weak parts of his or her nervous system and the whole body strengthened. The tonic replenishes the brain and the nervous system. This is a special preparation made to keep one happy and cheerful by having a soothing effect on the nerves. Anyone can try this wonderful herbal remedy. Above all, this nerve tonic is completely natural, free from chemicals and side effects. Within a period of 30 days, you will feel a lot more relaxed, clear headed and energetic.

Supragya is most effective combination and form of all these valuable herbs which nourishes our brain and hence helps in getting rid of the Negative Stress. This is how Supragya is successfully keeping us away from hundreds of psycho-somatic problems making us lead a healthy and happy life.

Studies have indicated that the results of Supragya start to become visible within 10 to 15 days.

Supragya is 100% herbal and hence it is safe even when taken for longer durations by children, adults or elderly people.