Medicine for Depression

Medicine for Depression

All about Medicine for Depression

If you are on the lookout of finding a healthy and natural method to handle depression, some alternative medicines would certainly be worth giving a try. Varied natural medicines for depression have become quite prevalent recently because a large number of people are in favor of natural medications to the synthetic antidepressants. There are clear reasons for this.

There are some significant reasons as to why other forms of medicine for depression are considered a better choice these days to treat depression and other related mental disorders.

The superb effectiveness of natural medications and herbs is in fact beyond any doubt in the minds of most of the people. These natural medications and supplements take care of the symptoms as well as the root cause of depression. Taken on a regular basis, such natural medicine for depression yields top quality results in an amazingly short span of time.

The number of people who consider these medications to be safer is increasing. The best aspect about them is that they do not cause any side effects that the normal pharmaceutical drugs cause. Above all, unlike antidepressants, these natural drugs are not addictive. Therefore, even if you discontinue taking these natural medications for some reason, you need not worry about possible withdrawal effects.

Herbal and natural medicines not only help manage depression but can go a long way in preventing it. Taking a regular and steady dose of such medicine for depression can surely develop your physical as well as mental fitness and go a long way in preventing all kinds of mental disorders.

If you want to achieve optimum results from herbal medicine and supplements, you must go for a high-quality medication and consume it on a regular basis. Ayurvedic herbs are really potent and can take good care of each and every mental disorder. Needless to say, they have a great reassuring effect. They strengthen the nervous system and positively influence brain activity. Moreover, these medicines increase metabolism and strengthen the energy level.

Su-Pragya: An Effective Herbal Medicine for Depression

One of the most interesting things about natural medicine is that it is not expensive. For the numerous benefits herbal medicine offers, the cost is quite a bargain! Well, there are too many herbal supplements and medication available in the market. Which one would you choose? The ideal herbal tonic is Supragya. It is an exceptional nerve tonic that is formulated to soothe and calm the nervous system and restore the proper functioning of the brain. It is a safe herbal nervine tonic that is free of chemicals and adverse effects. It is the best herbal supplement you can gift yourself with. The tonic strengthens the related system and attacks the major underlying cause of depression, that is, nervous weakness. The herbal tonic is a perfect mixture of appropriate Ayurvedic herbs and is a must-try for everyone dealing with depression. The herbs present in the tonic replenish and strengthen the nervous system and the brain. Within a month of consuming this wonder tonic, one feels relaxed, clear-headed, calm and energetic – ultimately free of depression!


Supragya Ark

Each 10ml contains extract from:

1 Vacha Mool 250mg
2 Ashwagandha Mool 500mg.
3 Shankhpushpi Panchang 250mg
4 Brahmi Panchang 250mg
5 Jatamansi Mool 500mg
6 Arjuna Twak 375mg
7 Gokchhur Mool 250mg
8 Shatavari Kand 375mg
9 Punarnava Mool 375mg
10 Peepal Panchang 500mg
11 Draksha Phal 500mg
12 Vat Panchang 500mg
13 Amlaki Phal 125mg
14 Haritaki Phal 125mg
15 Vibhitaki Phal 125mg

Supragya Capsules

Each Capsule contains water extract from:

1 Vacha Mool 250mg
2 Ashwagandha Mool 1mg
3 Shankhpushpi Panchang 1mg
4 Brahmi Panchang 1mg
5 Jatamansi Mool 500mg
6 Amlaki Phal 500mg
7 Haritaki Phal 125mg
8 Shunthi Kand 125mg
8 Yasthimadhu Mool 500mg

Dose: 25 ml of Ark* with equal quantity of water + 2 capsules – once (low), twice (medium) or thrice (high) a day after meals.

* It is always good to start with 10ml and 2 capsules dose. Increase the liquid dose by 5ml every third day till you reach 25ml.

Supragya is Completely Natural - No Chemicals - No Side-Effects - Try it today.

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