Nerve Weakness

Nerve Weakness

All about Nerve Weakness

At some point of life, all of us face an issue and could not really react logically in direction of it. Once in a time, it is fine. But, what if you seem to frequently get tensed, stressful, anxious, depressed and worried? All these mental disorders have one root – nerve weakness. When these problems get severe, it induces a lot of pressure to the person as well as his/her family members. Realizing and understanding the signs for nervousness or nerve weakness are very important so that you can decide what cure you can choose.

Increased levels of stress and anxiety result in nerve weakness. Well, what are the signs and symptoms of anxiety and stress? First of all, your thoughts are uncontrollable. There is completely nothing rational in your ideas and most of the individuals act as if they are heading towards a heart failure or on the verge of being in a phase towards death. This certainly can be a huge emotional issue for those connected to this individual. However, if the symptoms are noticed and the problem is diagnosed at an early stage, the condition can be treated effectively.

It is important to know what cures anxiety. Needless to say, there isn’t a single remedy that will fit everyone. However, some techniques and herbal medication are really effective. If you are exposed to anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs and sedatives, the brain always gets attuned to a specific relaxation method. This is highly addictive. Only when you take the drug, the body calms down. Over time, this might pose serious issues to the overall health as well as damages several organs or body parts. Though there are numerous medicines to cure nerve weakness in the market, a good nerve tonic has proven to be successful.

What does a good nerve tonic offer?

  1. It works on the nerves to soothe and calm them.
  2. It is highly helpful in curing panic medical conditions.
  3. It is not distressing to ingest.
  4. There aren’t any side effects.
  5. It is comparatively inexpensive.
  6. A nerve tonic is made from natural ingredients and so it is very effective and safe.
  7. It doesn’t cause any addiction even if you withdraw from it after sometime.
  8. It is non-invasive.

Well, what cures nerve weakness can be decided only after understanding the signs. The most common indicators are pale skin, accelerated heart beat, difficult breathing and nausea. The most typical sign is the twitching of facial muscles and rapid eye movements. These are the most noticed symptoms of a panic problem.

A change in lifestyle, diet modifications, regular exercise, practising yoga or meditation along with consuming an effective nerve tonic such as the Supragya will certainly cure the problem and get the person back to normal. Supragya is made of herbs that are popularly known to strengthen the nervous system and calm the brain and mind. Some of the powerful herbs present in Supragya include Ashwagandha, Shankhpushpi, Brahmi, Vacha, Arjuna, Jatamansi, Gokchhur, Shatavari, Peepal, Punarnava, Draksha, Amlaki and Vat. It offers excellent cure for nerve weakness.


Supragya Ark

Each 10ml contains extract from:

1 Vacha Mool 250mg
2 Ashwagandha Mool 500mg.
3 Shankhpushpi Panchang 250mg
4 Brahmi Panchang 250mg
5 Jatamansi Mool 500mg
6 Arjuna Twak 375mg
7 Gokchhur Mool 250mg
8 Shatavari Kand 375mg
9 Punarnava Mool 375mg
10 Peepal Panchang 500mg
11 Draksha Phal 500mg
12 Vat Panchang 500mg
13 Amlaki Phal 125mg
14 Haritaki Phal 125mg
15 Vibhitaki Phal 125mg

Supragya Capsules

Each Capsule contains water extract from:

1 Vacha Mool 250mg
2 Ashwagandha Mool 1mg
3 Shankhpushpi Panchang 1mg
4 Brahmi Panchang 1mg
5 Jatamansi Mool 500mg
6 Amlaki Phal 500mg
7 Haritaki Phal 125mg
8 Shunthi Kand 125mg
8 Yasthimadhu Mool 500mg

Dose: 25 ml of Ark* with equal quantity of water + 2 capsules – once (low), twice (medium) or thrice (high) a day after meals.

* It is always good to start with 10ml and 2 capsules dose. Increase the liquid dose by 5ml every third day till you reach 25ml.

Supragya is Completely Natural - No Chemicals - No Side-Effects - Try it today.

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