Supragya Video Transcript

Ayurvedic Explanation of Nervous Weakness

If we start expecting more output from our brain while not providing appropriate nutrition to compensate, we get to see various nervous disorders, taking place. We get it in the form of increased anger and irritability and even anxiety and depression in advanced stages. Thus, all these are nothing but altered nervous function which happen because somehow our nervous system is under malnourishment i.e. nutritional deficiency... more in the transcript below.

Supragya Video Transcript

Friends, today in our lives the amenities are increasing rapidly. At the same rate, the inner happiness is being lost too. We, in pursuit of inner happiness, sometimes go to doctors and sometimes to hill stations and movies so as to divert our mind. We cross the limits when we go to superstitious saints (or babas) who claim to make our lives pleasant with stupid things like invoking deities, but in doing so they are always unsuccessful. Still, in this entire course we don’t get the right path and somehow we tend to suffer from mental stress, which makes way for various diseases.

Being healthy does not just mean staying healthy physically. In fact, remaining mentally healthy is as important as living healthy physically. But due to fast moving and competitive lifestyle that we lead today, there is rarely anyone who is mentally sound or healthy. In spite of having everything, we remain sad and irritated. Although we live in a happy family but still we have a feeling of loneliness.

Friends, the problem is indeed complicated but the reason of happiness is that we have Dr. Arora, with us who has tried to show us the beam of hope through the medium of Supragya. Sir, first of all I would like to congratulate you that Supragya has gained overwhelming response and it is filling happiness in lives of people. Also, you have now come up with Supragya Plus. So, here goes my first question.

Q. Who are the people who need Supragya Plus?

A. If you are signalling towards direct indications, then it is meant for anyone who is constantly living under mental stress and who always remains sad. Secondly, it is also meant for those who get anxiety and palpitation over little issues. Third indication is if someone gets angry over little things or if someone observes that he is constantly becoming irritable. Sometimes, some people lose their confidence to such an extent that in spite of good preparation when they sit for the exams, or when they have to perform in the office or in society, their performance is not up to the mark or not as per their ability. Apart from this, sometimes we see that different people have different kinds of phobias. These may include fear of water, fear of height, fear of elevators, fear of speed, fear of crowd, fear of loneliness etc. So, anybody who is suffering from any kind of phobia should take Supragya Plus Ark as it is going to help a lot. Another indication is if someone has a problem with sleeping. The person could not be able to sleep at all, or not able to sleep properly, or even after getting a long sleep he does not feel fresh. In all such situation, it is advisable to take Supragya Plus. One more problem which is quite common these days is the problem of memory. So, Supragya has an indication in these patients as well. Moving further, there are some bigger nervous disorders like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, OCD (i.e. obsessive Compulsive Disorder) etc.. In all these conditions, I would recommend the use of Supragya.

That was about direct indications of Supragya. But if we talk about indirect indications then, if you are suffering from any physical disease for which you are getting a treatment from a good doctor but still you are not getting desired results, I would suggest that you add Supragya ark and capsules to your regular medicines, You would be able to see the difference in your symptoms very soon. Also, those patients who have a chronic disease such as sugar, blood pressure or gastric problems I would say, continue whatever medicines you are taking but just add Supragya to it. I assure you that you would observe a positive change in just a matter of few days.

Q. Somehow, I feel that anybody whether its you or me or anybody else, could need Supragya at some stage of life.

A. A boy in our office who works for 8 hours a day and earns 8000 a month. Everyday, he reaches office at 10 am and leaves at 6 pm. If one day you just tell that boy that from now onwards he needs to be in the office till 8 pm. I mean, you increase his working hours but you don’t increase his salary. If you expect someone to work more without giving any increment in his salary then that’s impractical and in fact, impossible. If you do so, you would start observing disturbance in his actions. Probably he would become irritable and would get annoyed quite frequently. Similar kind of a thing happens in our nervous system, as well. If you start expecting more output from it while not providing appropriate nutrition to compensate, you get to see various nervous disorders, taking place. You get it in the form of increased anger and irritability and even anxiety and depression in advanced stages. Thus, according to me, all these are nothing but altered nervous function which happens because somehow our nervous system is under malnourishment i.e. nutritional deficiency. If you want to get rid of these diseases then you would definitely need to provide appropriate nutrition to your nervous system.

Q. You have been giving Supragya Plus medicine to your patients since a long time now. We would like to know, how your patients feel after use of Suprgaya?

A. The patients who show symptoms of direct indication, show a very good improvement. In other words, when we give Supragya Plus ark as well as capsules to those patients who complain about increased, anger, irritability, anxiety, palpitation or depressions, surprisingly in just a few days like 3-7 days, they show very good results. It is a matter of great happiness for us but it surprises us when we consider the patients who show symptoms of indirect indications. When such patients come who have no indication of any nervous instability. For them, we generally prepare diagnosis and prescribe medicines accordingly. When they revisit us after taking the medicines for 15 days, they still do not report any improvement in their condition. In such situations, if we just add Supragya Plus ark and capsules with his ongoing treatment, we see that after another 15 days they report tremendous relief. It somehow proves our saying that almost all diseases today, have become psychosomatic. Trust me, if you see the patient or the nature of his disease you would never suspect that it has an involvement of nervous component. But even after preparing proper diagnosis and prescribing appropriate medicines when we do not get the desired results then we realize that there has to be a component of some invisible stress. That’s the reason, I add Supragya to their existing course of treatment. After 15 days of doing so, when I see the results, they are truly amazing. To read the testimonials of such patients you can visit our website. It will surprise you when you hear them speak themselves.

You would realize that to what extent, an involvement of stress is seen in diseases, these days. To explain it better. I would like to give you an example which I have mentioned several times. To understand that what kind of role does stress have in causing a disease whether it is physical disease or mental one. For this, one will have to compare his life with life of his grandfather or those who were older by 50-60 years. The way I am going to compare them would give you an idea that how much responsible is stress, in causing any disease. We will compare two aspects of life, the first being health. See I am not asking you to compare your health with that of people who lived 1000 years ago but here, we are comparing our health with that of those who are only 50-60 years older than us. While comparing health if we system-wise compare digestive system of the two ages then you won’t deny that older people used to eat good and digest as good too. The amount of ghee (clarified butter) that they used to consume in one meal, today probably we don’t consume in even a weeks time and still we have disturbed digestion. So, you would agree that their digestive system was much more stronger than that of us. After this, if we compare the cardio-vascular system or heart, we rarely get to hear that our father or grandfather suffered from a heart disease or blood pressure but in our generation almost every second person suffers from problem related to heart or blood pressure.

Similarly, when we compare the respiratory systems then we see that today so many of us suffer from various allergies. Also, we find too many patients of asthma around us. Perhaps every second or third person carries an inhaler along. It wasn’t so earlier. People of that generation used to have very strong lungs and vital capacity was such that they used to walk many kilometres without suffering any breathing problem. If we compare the reproductive system, there are so many cases of infertility seen these days that for many couples bearing even one child has become quite difficult while earlier there used to be law enforcements to put a check on the family. Even if we compare their skeletal or muscular systems with those of ours, probably I don’t need to tell you that their bones and muscles were many times stronger than those of ours. Their capacity of physical activity was much better than us. On the basis of these criteria, if we compare healths of these two generations, you would have to agree with me that they enjoy a much better health than what we do today. To prove it, when we talk to an older person who is, say 70-80 years of age we find out that in his entire life he has not consumed even as much medicines as today our five year old child has already consumed. So, somehow we should have no hesitation to accept the fact that earlier people enjoyed better health than us.

Now coming to second comparison, here we compare the amenities. On the basis of amenities, today people are much ahead than people of older generation. SImilarly if we talk about technology, again we are much ahead of our grandparents. Even, education wise, we are quite more educated than people of those days. In those days the situation was such that to learn the contents of a letter people had to depend on someone and there used to be, probably one such educated person in three villages. But today, even our helpers or maids can read their letters themselves. Similarly if you consider the availability of doctors, there are much doctors available than in those times. Even if we talk about availability of hospitals, today in a span of few kilometres, you can find a number of good hospitals while earlier probably, such hospitals were very-very few. Thus, there has been a rapid progress in these terms. But then you see, in spite of us having much better amenities, our elders were more healthier than us. Why is there such a contradiction. My answer is, while we were making progress in technology, creating better facilities, creating more doctors and hospitals, we were also carrying along one negative thing and that is stress. I mean to say, as the stress came in, it brought diseases along. It brought gas, it brought blood pressure, it brought diabetes, it brought infertility and so on. When we conduct an analysis we reach a conclusion that its true that we gained many positive changes but somehow one negative thing also got involved and this negative thing is stress. As I believe, the root cause for every disease happens to be stress.

Today, we often see that when we start taking some medicine it continues lifelong. We are not able to cure the problem of gas, thyroid, blood pressure or sugar. This means that somehow we are only doing symptomatic treatment and not paying any attention to the root cause of the problems. Whatever treatment we are following but if start paying attention to stress component by treating it simultaneously, then you would get to see a great improvement. It is quite possible that once we get rid of this stress, the diseases would go automatically. I would say, along with the kind of prosperity that we have today, if we become stress free then we would enjoy the joy of paradise on this earth. So, according to me, this theory of stress has a big role and if we want to stay fit we would have get rid of stress from our lives.

Q. You have told us that what kind of impact stress can have on our health but what exactly this stress is and why do we suffer from it?

A. If you want me to define stress, I would say it can be referred to as the force or pressure which is exerted on our body due to changing scenario. Now-days we rapidly come across changes with respect to physical level, mental level, social level, spiritual level as well as economic level. The impact that these changes have on our body is what we call, stress. Now, these changes can be positive as well as negative. Positive changes don’t leave a negative impact on our body but the negative changes or the changes which are unlike our expectations then a kind of pressure is created on the body. The severity of stress depends on how well learnt you are in managing it and how much satwa or immateriality approach your mind carries. As much satwa your mind has, the better you will manage your stress. When you are able to manage your stress well, it will ensures that the severity or intensity of stress gets lowered to the minimum. But unfortunately very rarely do people have satwa or immateriality approach in their minds. This is the reason why today people are not able to tolerate even little losses and rapidly come under stress. This is why they become target of various physical diseases.

Q. You keep saying about satwa, raja, and tama. Please once again explain it to our readers that what exactly do they mean?

A. Each one of us has a brain and this brain has got two components, namely, structure and function. Structure refers to its physical appearance while the function refers to the gyan or knowledge that we feed into it which decides how is it going to function. To maintain a good structural component of brain one needs to supply it with a good nourishment. But if someone wants his brain to be gyani i.e. learned, so that it can handle all kinds of situations and tolerate losses easily then he needs to install satwa in his brain. Since, now-a-days we do follow a healthy diet, structurally the brain is in a compromised condition or is not well nourished. Just to explain it better, let me compare our brain with computer. I would compare the composition of brain with hardware and by gyan I mean, the software of computers. We have three kinds of software in our lives. Satwa means we are progressing towards gyan or spirituality and positivity and welfare. Raja means we are going towards enjoyment, wealth, good food. Tama is like a destructive software wherein we feel happy in others sorrows. All these software are available but the composition of brain which is in compromised state does not allow the complicated software of satwa in it. Raja and tama like low quality software get easily installed in brain.

You would have noticed that destruction is a fast process while construction is very slow. While it takes years to construct a building, its destruction happens in no time. Similar patters is seen in our brain as well. The compromised or malnourished brain is not a good brain. The function of brain is to create intelligence. See, if the machine itself is in poor or compromised state, it is very difficult that it will produce a good product. That’s why the kind of budhhi or intelligence which is created by this compromised brain is rajsik and tamsik and not sadbudhhi i.e. good intelligence. Now, what function does this budhhi perform. It provides energy to mana or mind, so that we perform our actions. According to Shatra, while being lifeless itself, it is the mana (the mind) which performs all the actions. It is proved by the fact that we eat what our mana tells us to (which feel like eating). Similarly, we do what our mana asks us to, we gel with those who are favoured by our mana, we go to the places where are mana wants us to. It means all our actions are being executed by our mana. When the budhhi which is rich in tama and raja goes ahead to provide energy to mana or mind, it goes to nourish the negative part of brain. When raja and tama of mana are getting nourished and satwa is left behind then obviously raja and tama will only rule the mana or mind. Consequently, the principles followed by the mana will be those of raja and tama and satwa takes backseat. To tell you about the principles of raja and tama, I will take you to our Shastras once again. It says, Kama (desire), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), moha (attachment), irshya (jealousy), maan (ego), mada (intoxication), shoka (sorrow), chinta (worries), udweg (excitement), bhaya (fright), harsha (happiness) etc. are the principles of raja and tama. When we suffer from psychological disorders then diseases are inevitable.

Q. That are very interesting facts but now please tell us that how do we prevent this stress from happening or how do we establish the government of satwa in our brain?

A. I just told you the etiogenesis of stress and as you saw the main reason of stress is poor nourishment of brain. Thus, if we wish to trevent this from happening, firstly we would need to provide it with a good nourishment or in another words, upgrade its hardware. We can achieve this by consuming brain nourishing medicines like ashwagandha, brahmi, shankhpushpi, jyotishmati, jatamanasi, vacha etc. These are the herbs which form the Supragya ark and capsules. When you take Supragya Plus ark and capsules, it mends the composition of your brain. The composition gets improved so much that the software of satwa which are present around us in forms of gurus and granthas, begin to get installed in our brain. Thus our brain becomes satwa pradhan. Since satwa dominates the brain, the budhhi or intelligence created by such a brain is satwik in nature. When satwik budhhi goes ahead to provide strength to mana or mind then it primarily strengthens satwa. Thus, the government of satwa gets established in the brain and consequently the principles which are followed are of satwa. The principles of satwa are, contentment, immateriality approach, un-enviousness, un-enemity, selflessness and generosity. When you implement these principles and follow this kind of attitude in life then there will be no place for any mental tension in your life. When your brain will remain stable and you will stay away from mental tensions then you will also stay away from all kinds of illness. To achieve this, you will have to take the herbs which provide nourishment to brain. Since Supragya Plus is consolidation of all brain nourishing herbs, you should take it and work on improving the composition of brain thus enabling it to install the software of satwa into it. Once this is achieved, your life would be full of joy.

I would like to share feedbacks of some of my patients with you.

1) I am from IT field and stress is very common in this field of work. There are a number of situations in which the stress increases to such an extent that there are chances of breakdown. During one such situation, I consulted Dr. Arora who advised me to use Supragya. And the results have been amazing. Amazing is rather a smaller word. Earlier I used to get frustrated in responding to situations. I used to get upset and it created a kind of negativity. After taking Suprgya, the way I respond to situations, has changed. I am much more positive. Situations re the same but now I am able to think constructively and this is not only me who says this but rest of my team members also feel this change in me. I would like to add here that I got so impressed with this product that I asked Dr. Arora that whether my children could take it too. With his recommendation, my children started taking it and in them also the changes are clearly visible. The way they used to respond has changed and their learning power has increased to a great extent. Now they are much more calm in reacting to situations. *

2) I used to get annoyed over small things and I had become very irritable. Since I have started taking Suprgya Plus, I am feeling quite better. I am absolutely fine now. *

3) I am into sales. My job requires a lot of hard work and we have long working hours due to which stress builds up. I am into sales for 17 long years. There came a stage when life started to feel very slow and I was confused, what was happening. I consulted Dr. Arora regarding this. He asked me to take Supragya Plus. After using it for a week or ten days, I found life. I realized what lif is all about. My life became full of life. I think it has been more than six months now and I am still taking Supragya. It is a very good thing to have. I think you must try it once in your life. *

4) I was suffering from sleeplessness since long time and because of this I also had palpitations and anxiety. I met Dr. Arora who gave me Suprgya. I am taking it for three months now and I am absolutely fine now. *

5) Since last four years, I used to feel tired and irritated. I didn’t feel like going anywhere. Last year, I had totally stopped my work. I started taking Supragya, three months ago with recommendation of Dr. Arora. I feel much better now and my work is going quite fine too. *

* Results may vary person to person

It does not, at all, matter that how strong anti-depressant medicines you have consumed or how many medicines you have taken to overcome your stress, I would still advise you to take Supragya Plus once. You should try to nourish your brain once, It might happen that the tension or stress which you have been suffering from, for long time may get over in just a snap.

I think, We must try Supragya at least once in our life, with this intention. I am going to order it for myself just now because I believe it is going to nourish my brain. I would suggest it to all our readers that you too order it immediately so that your life too become full of happiness.

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