Treatment for Depression

Treatment for Depression

All about Treatment for Depression

There are innumerable people in the world suffering from depression. Most of them resort to conventional drug treatments. However, a lot of people these days don’t choose drug therapy because of dangerous side effects or out of fear of drug addiction. An increasing number of people are now seeking age old traditional treatments as well as other alternative and natural depression remedies. Most of these natural treatments are being comprehensively studied and researched, and a few have shown remarkable promise in effectively bringing depression under control.

Exercise Can Help in Treatment for Depression

If done regularly, exercise can help in treatment of depression. One has to perform minimum 30 minutes of exercise every day on a regular basis. Starting to exercise right way and regularly can certainly help alleviate stress and lift your mood. When you do exercises, endorphins are released which automatically makes you feel happy. Besides, there are numerous other health benefits of exercising.

Acupuncture Can Help in Treatment for Depression

Acupuncture is quickly gaining popularity as a trusted natural treatment for depression. Acupuncture treats depression by inducing the release of particular chemicals in the brain that help improve the mood of a person.

Yoga and Meditation Can Help in Treatment for Depression

Meditation, yoga and breathing exercises can help manage depression to a great extent. By devoting a few minutes every day to yoga or meditation, you can help your body and mind be in sync with each other. This ultimately lessens anxiety and stress levels, the primary contributors to depression. When one practices yoga or meditation daily, he or she can enhance the mood and shift the brain towards much calmer thoughts.


Regular consumption of specific vitamins and minerals can prove effective in managing depression. Taking in foods that are rich in vitamin B and vitamin C can help reduce the symptoms of depression. These vitamins are highly responsible for creating chemicals that improve your mood. Studies suggest that depression symptoms may be associated with magnesium deficiency in the body. Taking foods that are rich in magnesium can certainly help boost your mood.

Herbal Remedies

While the above said treatments for depression are known to provide some amount of relief from stress and anxiety, one of the best cures for depression is taking an herbal supplement on a regular basis. From times immemorial, herbs have proved to be successful in treating a range of mental disorders including stress, anxiety and depression. The best part about herbs is that they work on the core problem and eliminate it completely so that there aren’t any recurrences of the medical condition.

The patients can rest assured that they have sought the help of a reliable treatment for depression. There are many herbal supplements available in the market. However, it is important to get the right one. Supragya is an ultimate herbal nerve tonic that is formulated to cure depression completely. The tonic is made from natural ingredients and formulated by experts. Consuming Supragya on a regular basis helps restore your health and the root cause of depression, stress and anxiety is totally removed. That is the speciality of this tonic. Besides, it does not cause any kind of side effects and is not addictive in nature.


Supragya Ark

Each 10ml contains extract from:

1 Vacha Mool 250mg
2 Ashwagandha Mool 500mg.
3 Shankhpushpi Panchang 250mg
4 Brahmi Panchang 250mg
5 Jatamansi Mool 500mg
6 Arjuna Twak 375mg
7 Gokchhur Mool 250mg
8 Shatavari Kand 375mg
9 Punarnava Mool 375mg
10 Peepal Panchang 500mg
11 Draksha Phal 500mg
12 Vat Panchang 500mg
13 Amlaki Phal 125mg
14 Haritaki Phal 125mg
15 Vibhitaki Phal 125mg

Supragya Capsules

Each Capsule contains water extract from:

1 Vacha Mool 250mg
2 Ashwagandha Mool 1mg
3 Shankhpushpi Panchang 1mg
4 Brahmi Panchang 1mg
5 Jatamansi Mool 500mg
6 Amlaki Phal 500mg
7 Haritaki Phal 125mg
8 Shunthi Kand 125mg
8 Yasthimadhu Mool 500mg

Dose: 25 ml of Ark* with equal quantity of water + 2 capsules – once (low), twice (medium) or thrice (high) a day after meals.

* It is always good to start with 10ml and 2 capsules dose. Increase the liquid dose by 5ml every third day till you reach 25ml.

Supragya is Completely Natural - No Chemicals - No Side-Effects - Try it today.

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