Worrying is a part of daily life. People worry about their family, their
friends, their jobs, and themselves among many other things. Not
all kinds of worries are bad. In fact, worrying about things motivates
people to pay extra attention to them.
Types and the Ayurvedic Cure
Four Types of Anxiety Disorders
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In India alone, over 45 million people are officially reported to be suffering
with one or more symptoms of nervous weakness like - Stress, Depression,
Anger, Irritability, Sleeplessness, Fear, Anxiety, Hopelessness, Mood-
swings, Lack of confidence, Intolerance etc. Supragya Plus is a safe and
natural remedy which revives your nervous strength and helps you recover
from these conditions altogether.
Ayurvedic Cure
Ayurveda views anxiety attacks as the result of an aggravation in the
pranavata. It weakens the nervous system and causes mental imbalance.
Ayurvedic medicines control and reduce the pranavata and fuel the
increase of sattvaguna. The mind becomes more stable and peaceful. It
involves a change in diet and lifestyle, along with the natural solutions
that Ayurveda provides. Fresh vegetables and fruits are compulsory for a
person who wants to get well. Exercises are also an important part of
recovering from anxiety disorders.
This happens when a person feels
suddenly when a terror strikes them
and they begin to panic. Chest pains,
sweating, and fast heartbeats
accompany this disorder. They could
feel like they are having a heart
attack and cannot breathe.
A disorder that affects the self-
conscious part of the mind, it
prevents a person from having a
normal social life. They feel
overwhelmed by their daily social
interactions. People with this disorder
struggle with a constant need for
approval that they cannot get.
There are many kinds of phobias.
These are specific objects and
situations that person is scared
of. Heights, insects, water, and
many other things can induce
anxiety within patients with
This is more common among
those people who have trouble
remembering things or seek
perfection. They get excessively
worried about things they have to
do or they have done.