a type of fat that
circulates in your
Cholesterol is our friend as well as
foe when at normal levels, it
serves as a substance required for
the normal functioning of the body,
but when its levels in the blood
seem to get too high, it can put us
at risk of heart attacks!
Your body,
specifically liver,
Comes from
what you eat.
Bad Cholesterol
Cholesterol is oil-based; hence, it
doesn’t mix with blood (which is
water-based). Therefore,
lipoproteins present in the blood
carry it to all parts of the body.
Parcels of cholesterol happen to
be carried by two different types of
lipoprotein: One is Low-density
Lipoprotein or LDL – cholesterol
that is carried by this lipoprotein is
referred to as bad cholesterol
Good Cholesterol
High-density Lipoprotein or HDL –
cholesterol that is carried by this
lipoprotein is referred to as good
cholesterol. It is very important to
maintain a good level of HDL for
the normal functioning of the
body. On the other hand,
increased levels of LDL can lead
to several diseases and
Ayurvedic Approach
towards Balancing Blood Cholesterol
Well, it is first important to understand the fact that cholesterol is not
even mentioned in Ayurvedic tradition. Instead, Ayurvedic texts
discuss the meda dhatu or fat tissue and describe ways to maintain a
healthy quality and quantity of fat tissue in one’s body. When meda
dhatu appears balanced and healthy, it subsequently helps maintain
balanced cholesterol in the body.
In order to understand ways to maintain healthy fat tissue, it is
important to understand that the main principle of Ayurveda is a
balance. A moderate lifestyle, a balanced diet, and a daily routine
together contribute to the balanced functioning of almost every aspect
of life: the body, the mind, and the senses. Besides, one has to
maintain a peaceful mind, a blissful consciousness & balanced
control over all the senses.