Why Ayurveda for Headaches?
For centuries, people believe in a
headache Ayurvedic medicine which
shows effective results with consistent
use and without side effects.
Ayurvedic Treatment for Stress
and Tension Headache
Severe headaches result in migraines
which are also accompanied by vomiting
and nausea. Thus, it is important that
people understand the Ayurvedic
treatment for a headache so that the
problem can be cured from within.
Tension headaches
generally take place
due to anxiety, stress,
recurring worries or
tension and also due to
inadequate sleep.
Migraine headaches causes
stomach pain, vomiting
tendencies, and the patients often
become sensitive to sound, smell
or even light and are generally
caused due to migraine problem.
Tension headaches are generally caused owing to the
lifestyle of individuals or skipping of the meals. It is seen
that headaches often result in causing pain in the neck,
scalp and the shoulder muscles. It is recommended that
you must take breaks in between their work schedules,
take proper meals, drink lots of water. you can also take
ayurvedic medicine or massage your head with
ayurvedic oil.
Excessive exposure to sun and heat is another cause of
migraines. The disease also occurs due to fluctuations
in hormones or owing to hunger. The best remedy for
treating migraine as per Ayurveda is massaging on the
scalp and head with coconut oil. Proper regulations of
the blood sugar levels and snacking in between
intervals can also reduce the headache.