Kalyani Lepa

Kalyani Lepa for Neck Pain or Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment and Neck Pain Treatment – Kalyani Lepa (Available as 5 Lepa Pack)

In the present era because of many reasons, including – due to stress, faulty life style and wrong dietary habits, the sickness levels have increased tremendously. Everybody is dependent on some kind of medicines.These medicines have lot of side effects, which further make conditions worse. There are various diseases like Rheumatism, Sinus problem, Recurrent throat infections, Asthma, Recurrent Urinary track infections, Eczema, Psoriasis and certain Gastric problems etc. for which Allopathy medicines gives symptomatic relief – while Ayurveda has curative remedies for most of these problem.

The role of Ayurveda in curing chronic problems is incomparable. But unfortunately because of lack of proper promotion & in absence of proper guidance its magic has not duly spread.

Back pain is widely prevalent now a days, in people of all age groups. Cervical & Lumbar (low back) pains are broadly due to Disc Prolapse resulting into Nerve compression, Bony inflammations, Degenerative changes & Muscular sprain etc.

The usually available options, i.e. pain killers and/or surgery – hardly help. The pain killers are known for their side effects and surgeries have a low success rates, besides the risk of disability in some cases. Overall, the situation is very horrible.

For past several years, we have been trying hard to develop safe and effective solutions which would not only help in controlling but curing these problems.

By grace of God and wishes of people associated with us, we have been able to develop solution for many such issues through a very special LEPA (paste to be applied externally).

It has been indeed an unbelievable experience for us to observe such a tremendous relief by an external application only.

Considering its efficacy and benefits, we have named this solution as Kalyani Lepa. We expect this Lepa to be recognised as a milestone as a remedy for spine pain, back spasms, lumbar pain, pinched nerves and other such complications.