Bleeding and Non-Bleeding Piles

Get Rid of Piles through Natural Herbal Solution!

Piles, also known as Hemorrhoids, are not only a painful condition to suffer from but an embarrassing one too. Piles seem to occur when the veins present in the anal canal become swollen. Well, piles may be internal (when the inflammation is internal) or external (when there is matter jutting out through the anus).

Piles Treatment

The real problem is, when the people affected with piles, defer getting assistance as much as possible mainly owing to the embarrassment factor. And, that does make the problem worse! One should understand that defecating is a natural process; the more delay in treatment, the more the strain to the area. While mild piles is likely to get cured on its own by just taking care of constipation, more severe piles that lasts longer than a week certainly need treatment. Allopathic doctors generally prescribe creams and medication and in worst-case scenarios, Surgery!

How Ayurveda deals with Piles? Is there an Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles?

According to Ayurveda, Apana Vata is responsible for the process of defecation. And, vitiation of Apana Vata causes the formation of piles. This vitiation can primarily happen in two distinct ways:

  • Owing to inconsistent food habits coupled with a sedentary lifestyle which lead to Agnimandya that results in the malformation of stool & resultant constipation
  • Constant and severe physical strain to the anus because of excess travelling, sitting, injury, suppression of urges, or labour in case of pregnant women

How to Cure Piles?

Fortunately there is a great all-natural way that can help treat Piles! Ayurvedic Proprietary Remedies for Piles from Ath Ayurdhamah can help those dealing with such a painful affliction! These formulations help reduce inflammation as well as ease pain & constipation!

There are exclusive packages available at Ath Ayurdhamah for piles cure - both bleeding piles and non bleeding piles.

Exclusive Piles Remedy (Bleeding Piles)



1 Arshoghini 2 tab (After breakfast and 5pm)
2 Rodhini 2 tab (After breakfast and 5pm)
3 Suran Yog 2 cap (After Lunch & Dinner)
4 Athagni 2 tab (After Lunch & Dinner)
5 Athgol 1/2 to 1 tsf with warm water (Bedtime)
6 Sphatika for Sitz Bath 1/2 to 1 tsf (Once OR Twice a Day)

Exclusive Piles Remedy (Non-Bleeding Piles)



1 Suran Yog 2 tab (After breakfast and 5pm)
2 Arsh Kuthar 2 tab (After breakfast and 5pm)
3 Athagni 2 cap (After Lunch & Dinner)
4 Trifla Guggul 2 tab (After Lunch & Dinner)
5 Athgol 1/2 to 1 tsf with warm water (Bedtime)
6 Sphatika for Sitz Bath 1/2 to 1 tsf (Once OR Twice a Day)

What exactly causes piles?

Piles probably happen owing to many years of indigestion & constipation that creates pressure inside the anus when the person tries to excrete stool. There can be dry piles which is also called non-bleeding piles or there could be bleeding piles too. External hemorrhoids tend to cause less bleeding compared to the internal ones because the veins sometimes burst.

All these factors are likely to contribute to Piles. Hence, correction of the metabolic errors and incorporating lifestyle modification seems to be the key to cure Piles naturally!

You can also benefit from the following home remedy suggested by Ayurvedic experts at Ath Ayurdhamah:

Those suffering from bleeding piles should take 1 gm of Nagkesar (Cobra’s saffron or Ceylon Ironwood), half teaspoonful of Makkhan (butter – preferably homemade) and half teaspoonful of Mishri (crystallized sugar lumps), mix them together and consume it twice a day, in the morning and evening.