Supragya - The Nerve Tonic

Supragya – A Herbal Nerve Tonic

Supragya – Good is not enough, enjoy the best..

In spite of all the material comfort, technical advancements, educational levels, better economic conditions and above this all the availability of more doctors and hospitals, the real standard of physical and mental health has been declining.

For sure, we are living a longer life than our ancestors, but we consume more medicines by the age of 5 or 6 years than that consumed by older generations in their entire lifetime. Even after taking so many nutritional supplements, the situation does not seem to be improving. There is complete lack of peace of mind in our lives.

Studies/research have found that main reason behind all the general health deterioration is – ‘Negative Stress’.

This ‘Negative Stress’ is produced by weak nervous system, incapable of adjusting to even minor changes in our family, office, society and environment and also unable to cope up with the fast moving life style and working. This stress not only effects our mental stability in form of sadness, too much irritability, too much anger, depression, insomnia, anxiety, fear, palpitation etc. but also becoming the main cause behind various medical complications like Indigestion, High BP, Diabetes, Thyroid, Obesity, Arthritis etc.

If we wish to be free from these issues, only solution is to minimise this ‘Negative Stress’ by strengthening the nervous system. A healthy nervous system will be able to tackle the changes at various levels and also to the need of adapting to fast lifestyle and target oriented working without producing the ‘Negative Stress’.

Fortunately, there are various herbal supplements identified by most ancient science of life i.e. Ayurveda which are also approved by the modern science to be capable of rejuvenating the nervous system. Ashwgandha, Brahmi, Jatamanshi, Shnakhpushpi, Vacha are some of them.

Supragya is most effective combination and form of all these valuable herbs which nourishes our brain and hence helps in getting rid of the Negative Stress. This is how Supragya is successfully keeping us away from hundreds of psycho-somatic problems making us lead a healthy and happy life.

Studies have indicated that the results of Supragya start to become visible within 10 to 15 days.

Supragya is 100% herbal and hence it is safe even when taken for longer durations by children, adults or elderly people.

Supragya comes in three variants:

Supragya-Plus (सुप्रज्ञा – प्लस) Ark and Capsules – for People with Nervous Issues

(Available as – Trial Pack of 10 days) | Monthly Pack) | Three Months Pack)

The body is a complex system of interconnected parts, of which the controlling organ is the brain. And the brain in turn uses the network of ‘nerves’ to communicate its survival needs to all parts of the body. Ironically, the brain does not store any nutrients and needs constant replenishment to keep functioning at its optimum. Any lack of nutrition compromises the efficiency of the brain and its corresponding network of nerves. Unfortunately, in the times we live in, pollution and the pesticides in food and water, along with the fast pace of life, put undue stress on the body and the brain. The result is ‘nervous exhaustion’ which puts further stress on the body.

And stress is the leading cause of most of the emotional and physical disorders and chronic illnesses like depression, anxiety, hypertension, heart-attacks, strokes, low immunity and the resultant viral infections, some kinds of cancers, and also autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthirits and multiple sclerosis. It can also cause skin problems (rashes, hives, atopic dermatitis), gastrointestinal disorders (GERD, peptic ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis) and can contribute to insomnia and degenerative neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease.

Supragya-Plus helps in all Nervous Weakness symptoms like..

  • Intolerance, too much Anger and Irritability
  • Depression, Anxiety and Sleeplessness
  • Stress, Fear and Palpitation etc.

Supragya (सुप्रज्ञा) Ark – for Healthy Adults

(Available as Monthly Pack)

We gave Supragya to many people for trial. These were the people who were leading a good and healthy life, according to them. We asked them to take Supragya for a month and report their experience after that. After a month we almost got a common feedback from all of them. They told us that they were leading a three-star life till now but with Supragya, now they were living a five star life. It is unbelievable but true. We generally get accustomed to leading such a life and take things like little negativity, little anxiety etc., for granted. We think that these things are just a part of life and this is how it is. But in fact it’s not like that.

Mental strength has a very big role to play in our life. The person who is mentally strong is capable of facing situations of life in a constructive and strong way. You would have seen that some people tend to cry on very trivial issues and in contrast some people stay calm even in most difficult situations. This difference in handling situation comes from the difference in mental strength. Supragya works by increasing the mental strength and thus making the brain healthier so that you have more sensibility. As a result, your quality of life improves.

Regular intake of this amazing nerve tonic helps a healthy adult get:

  • Better Energy
  • More Positive Approach &
  • Stress-free Happy Life

Baal-Supragya (बाल-सुप्रज्ञा) Ark – for Healthy Children

(Available as Monthly Pack)

In such a fast paced world, it is mandatory that a child receives the necessary nutrients and supplements to have a sharp mind and brain power to cope up, handle the pressure exerted over them and come out in flying colors coupled with enjoying life. With a plethora of junk food flooding the market, children of today do not get the necessary nutrients needed for the optimal functioning of their nerves and brain to deal with immense pressure and stressful mundane activities. In the highly demanding world, children should be able to maintain a good balance of their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Ayurveda offers an excellent solution to achieve this balance.

Baal Supragya is an excellent nerve tonic exclusively formulated to benefit children below 15 years of age. Good news is that any normal child can benefit from this significant herbal concoction.

Regular intake of this amazing nerve tonic helps a child:

  • increase their concentration power, which is most essential to learn new things
  • enhance memory power so as to retain whatever is learnt
  • improve mind power in order to think creatively and understand even complex matters
  • maximize mental stamina and strength thereby withstanding long hours of activity
  • improve overall nervous health effecting overall well being needed for a happy childhood