Glossary of Ayurvedic Term

Glossary of Ayurvedic Terms


VATI – (Tablet) Adult dose: 1-2 tabs BD or TDS

It is tablet made from different drugs of either vegetable or mineral origin.

CHURNA – (Powder) Adult dose: 5gms BD

It is fine powder of dried and purified form of drugs having uniform size of particles.

KASHAYA/QWATHA/KWATHA – (Decoction of Herbs)

Quatha is nothing but a decoction of the drug or drugs. One ounce on empty stomach at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. with water. Kashaya. Quatha and Kwatha are synonyms.

BHASMA – (Reduced Metal) Adult dose: 200mg BD + honey

It is nontoxic ash of metals and animal products. This is prepared after putting metals or minerals in a crucible in a pit, filled with cow-dung. These depend on intensity of heat, size of the pit and quantity of cow-dung used.

LEHYA – (Paste) Adult dose: 5gm BD

It is preparation of drugs made into paste called linctus.

LAUHA – (Iron supplements) Adult dose: 200mg BD

It is homogenized powder of the drugs with loha bhasma

RASA – (Herbo-mineral Compounds)

It is prepared with Bhasma and Sinduras, added with other drugs and finally made into pills.

ARAKA – Adult dose: 5 to 10 ml BD

It is essence of volatile constituents of drugs

KSHARA – (Alkali) Adult dose: 5grs. BD

The alkaline residue of the arka of the drugs used.

PARAPATI – Adult dose: 200 to 400 mgs. BD

It is a preparation wherein the drugs are triturated well with kajjali and melted. This is poured on castor leaf and closed with another castor leaf. The dried cakes are parapati.

PISHTI – Adult dose: 200 to 400 mg. BD

The bhasma of the drug – it is prepared without using heat. It is being ground with drugs, dried in the sun and cooled in the moonlight. It is cooling in the nature.

GUGGULU – Adult dose: 1 to 2 gms after food

Guggulu is an exudate of the plant Balsmodendronmukul. Some preparations are suffixed with this drug.

TAILA – (Medicated oils) – 10 to 20 drops BD

The decoction of oil is heated till it becomes thickened and it retains the colour, tastes and odour of the particular decoction used.