Maintain Your Cholestrol Level with Ayurvedic Remedy!

Cholesterol is our friend as well as foe – when at normal levels, it serves as a substance required for the normal functioning of the body, but when its levels in the blood seem to get too high, it can put us at risk of heart attacks!

Cholesterol is present in every cell of the human body and has some important natural functions. In fact, it is manufactured by the body; however, it is also obtained from food. Cholesterol appears waxy and fat-like.

Exclusive Ayurvedic Treatment for Cholestrol



1 Suspandan 1 cap (After breakfast and 5pm)
2 Nirogyam 2 tab (After breakfast and 5pm)

Cholesterol is oil-based; hence, it doesn’t mix with blood (which is water-based). Therefore, lipoproteins present in the blood carry it to all parts of the body. Parcels of cholesterol happen to be carried by two different types of lipoprotein: One is Low-density Lipoprotein or LDL – cholesterol that is carried by this lipoprotein is referred to as bad cholesterol; the other one is High-density Lipoprotein or HDL – cholesterol that is carried by this lipoprotein is referred to as good cholesterol. It is very important to maintain a good level of HDL for the normal functioning of the body. On the other hand, increased levels of LDL can lead to several diseases and disorders.

High cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis – accumulation of cholesterol & other deposits on walls of arteries. These deposits or plaques can constrict blood flow through the arteries, causing complications like heart attack, chest pain, and stroke. Hence, it is crucial to maintain cholesterol levels at optimal levels.

Western medicine often treats cholesterol imbalance with cholesterol lowering drugs. However, these may cause side effects and may not provide a permanent solution to the problem. Today, many people resort to alternative medicine to keep cholesterol levels under control. Ayurveda offers promising solutions to this problem!

Ayurvedic Approach towards Balancing Blood Cholesterol

Well, it is first important to understand the fact that cholesterol is not even mentioned in ayurvedic tradition. Instead, Ayurvedic texts discuss the meda dhatu or fat tissue and describe ways to maintain a healthy quality and quantity of fat tissue in one’s body. When meda dhatu appears balanced and healthy, it subsequently helps maintain balanced cholesterol in the body.

In order to understand ways to maintain healthy fat tissue, it is important to understand that the main principle of Ayurveda is balance. A moderate lifestyle, a balanced diet and a daily routine together contributes to the balanced functioning of almost every aspect of life: the body, the mind and the senses. Besides, one has to maintain a peaceful mind, a blissful consciousness & balanced control over all the senses.

The key factor behind maintaining balance in the body happens to be balanced agni or digestive fire. The very basis for good health is digestion. For example, creation of healthy body tissues (dhatu) needs a brightly-burning digestive fire. Moreover, a strong agni is important in maintaining a balance in doshas. Hence, when digestion, assimilation & elimination are balanced, lipid tissue and cholesterol also get balanced.

Thus, Ayurveda focuses on bringing about a balance in the body and naturally helping a person keep cholesterol levels under control.

Let us have a look at some other effective natural Ayurvedic Cholestrol Remedies i.e. home remedy for high cholesterol levels in blood:

Take 4 cloves of crushed Garlic in one cup of milk & one cup of water. Then, boil the mix until its volume becomes one cup. This preparation is known as Lahsun-Ksheer-Paak. Filter it and have one cup every morning on an empty stomach. Regular intake will help in improving the lipid profile towards normal levels.