Put an end to Your Fistula with Ayurvedic Treatment!

When a person is affected with fistula, it means there is a tract formation. This tract generally originates from the anal canal and opens out on the skin’s outer surface. This tract doesn’t heal easily and the patient suffers from severe pain when he or she sits. Fistula has two openings – one at the anal canal & the other on the outer surface, probably as a pore, wherein it can be felt and seen as an abscess.

Exclusive Package for Fistula



1 Manikya Yog 1 cap (After breakfast and 5pm)
2 Twak Prabha 2 tab (After breakfast and 5pm)
3 Kaishore Guggul 2 tab (After Lunch & Dinner))
4 Trifla Guggul 2 tab (After Lunch & Dinner)
5 Athgol 1/2 to 1 tsf with warm water (Bedtime)

Piles and fistula

Well, many people get confused between piles and fistula. However, we can clearly differentiate the patient suffering from fistula from the patient suffering from piles when he or she tells us that there is an abscess near his/her anal canal that sometimes secretes blood and puss. So, when there is secretion and pain, it is fistula. In fact, fistula appears to be a more complicated and severe condition compared to piles.

Generally it is considered that if a person has fistula, he or she has no option except surgery. Conventional medicine believes that this condition cannot be treated using medicines because the entire part must be removed as it cannot heal. However, there is hope!

Ayurvedic Fistula Treatment

As with all other cases, there is cure for fistula too in Ayurveda. Let us have a look at what Ayurveda has to say about this medical condition

According to Ayurveda, the occurrence of piles, fistula and fissures is the result of sluggish digestion. So, if the digestive power of the patient is improved and strengthened, he or she would have much better chances of healing from such conditions. In Ayurveda, there are two types of treatment recommended in case of fistula specifically.

First, medicines are used to build an aseptic condition. Good news is that in nearly 50% of the cases, fistula is treated successfully with the help of Ayurvedic medicines. There are several substances that help in healing. Those substances are given as medicine to patients. Together with this, care is taken to keep the patient’s digestive system in a healthy manner and not allow constipation to occur.


To create aseptic conditions, a sitz bath is recommended. It should be done on a regular basis for about 5-10 minutes every day and there are good chances to get relief in this method. Coupled with this, several medicines like Manikya yog and Twak prabha are advised. These serve as a healing agent and blood purifier. Abhayarisht, Chitrakadi vati and Trifala guggulu are also given to patients suffering from fistula. These medicines increase the digestive power of the body. If the patient suffers from constipation as well, Isabgol with abhaya churna is given at bedtime. This clears the bowels. These medicines must be taken for a minimum of three months. Provided the patient doesn’t get relief from these medicines, he or she can consider treatment of Kshar sutra.

Nearly 50% of the patients seem to get relief by just using medicines.

Kshar sutra

For the remaining 50% that don’t respond well to medicines, Kshar sutra is recommended. It is a specific Ayurvedic treatment in which kshar, a medicated thread, is tied to the patient’s fistula using probes. Repeated kshar sutra treatments help the patient get total relief from fistula. The best part is that one doesn’t have to undergo surgery to remove the fistula.