Ayurvedic Medicines for Kidney Stones

Effective Ayurvedic Kidney Stone Treatments At Home

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If in the urinary tract there is any formation of any kind of solid material, the disease is known as urolithiasis or renal calculi. The solid materials are termed as kidney stones because their area of origin is the kidney and if fortunately, they are small enough, they will pass through one's urine without causing any trouble or symptoms. However, if the kidney stones are too big in size, they might get trapped in the urinary tract causing the blockage in the passing of urine regularly.

Other symptoms may include the passing of blood along with the urine, nausea. Urination might be painful as well. So it interrupts with our day-to-day life which is why kidney stones treatment should never be delayed. Delay in the treatment might cause the formation of other kidney stones as well.

What are the Causes of Kidney Stones?

It might be the genetics involved in the family and it might be hereditary which might have been passed on from the previous generations. It can be because of a bad lifestyle and constant consumptions of unhealthy food and very little consumption of water. It can also be due to the side effects of other medicine one intakes. High calcium levels in the urine might also cause one trouble. Not drinking an adequate amount of water and other fluids might also put you in the danger of having kidney stones. Stones form in the urine if one has too much amount of surplus minerals in the urine levels in one’s body.

Too much alcohol, stress, and tension can also cause kidney stones. A rise in the blood pressure level in your body might also cause you to have kidney stones in your body. Other kidney infections can lead to urolithiasis or renal calculi as well. Sometimes even gout might be one of the reasons causing you such painful diseases.

Diagnosis of the Kidney Stones Disease:

Luckily kidney stones treatment can also be done at home if the stages are early. But before the treatment is properly started one must get checked on first by a doctor. Tests and thorough examinations will be conducted which include urine tests, CT scan, intravenous pyelography (IVP) and ultrasounds. There might also be blood tests during the preliminary stages to test the calcium and mineral levels.

Precautions Needed To Prevent Renal Calculi:

Ayurveda has many natural remedies for kidney stone treatment which are absolutely effective. However, there a few basic changes that have to be brought about in your life to prevent such diseases altogether. The first rule is drinking about two litres on the minimum every day. Intake of calcium supplementary has to be controlled. As ayurvedic herbs do not intervene in the actual allopathic kidney stone treatment of the patient, they can be ingested simultaneously with the advice and direction of an experienced doctor.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Kidney Stones:

There are a lot of ayurvedic medicines for kidney stones for safe and painless kidney stone treatment at home. Ayurvedic treatment if done properly at the right time ensures to avoid the hassles of and pain of surgery. Medicines like V.D Kwath has to be taken after breakfast and in the evening after 5 pm. 4 teaspoons are considered to be enough.

Another medicine for curing of renal calculi is Chhar Churn which is a powdered mixture and has to be taken after breakfast and after 5 pm, just like V.D Kwath. 4 pinches of the powered mixture are enough to cure you of the disease and the pain. It also helps in the regulation of proper passing of urine. Ashmari Har can be prescribed to the list as well which have to be taken daily. 2 caps right after breakfast and 5 pm are the adequate dosages.

However, treatment and ayurvedic medicines for kidney stones might differ from patient to patient depending on the size of the kidney stones and their stages of the disease. So consultation with a doctor is very vital before the intake of any kind of medicine.

Another great treatment in the books of Ayurveda for kidney stone treatment at home includes the regular consumption of warm water. Warm water acts as a detoxifying agent inside our body and relieves us of the entire imbalance created in the body due to the leading of unhealthy lifestyle throughout our lives.

Also, total prohibition of junk food and chilled or cold water is recommended to prevent the further formation of stones in the kidney. Warm water, unlike chilled water, serves as basti shodhaka which cleans the urinary bladder of our body. Resisting the urge of urination for a long time might also cause blockage in the urinary tract.

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