Ayurvedic Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

Effectiveness of Ayurvedic Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

Ath Ayurdhamah

Nowadays, with so much stress and tension of modern life, various people from their 20s to even 50s or 60s are suffering from depression and anxiety. There have been various cases of nerves problem, irritability and the totally insecure feeling of dissatisfaction that a person faces.

Ayurveda has been monitoring these problems for quite some time now, and it has come out with various methods of natural remedies for depression and anxiety. These methods have been very much useful and effective in treating problems like these. Therefore, following are some more details about this specific Ayurveda treatment.


  • Various types of environmental, genetically and even factors relating to one’s personality are the causes for these types of nerves problem
  • Various types of disorders in the mood of a person also is one of the causes
  • Too much stress can also be a key factor in depression and anxiety
  • Any type of imbalance in the neurotransmitters in the brain can also be a reason
  • Many times physical or psychic energies can also be blamed for the cause
  • Too much negativity can also lead to depression or anxiety

Symptoms of the Patient

  • Can feel fatigued and may also feel irritated
  • May get disturbances during his or her sleep
  • Feel difficult to concentrate on his or her studies, everyday work or job
  • Will get isolated socially from his or her friends, relatives and family
  • Might feel himself or herself worthless

Ayurvedic Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

Ayurveda is all about bringing peacefulness to one’s life. With the help of various natural remedies for depression and anxiety-like therapies, changes in lifestyle and various types of herbal preparations, it will effectively help in tackling our life challenges well, and as well as bring positivity to the life of a person. Ayurveda is the best medicine for anxiety and depression.

It will help in stimulating the mind, and proper functioning of the brain. It will help in decreasing any type of slow talking or movements - thus bringing an end to sadness and despair. Undoubtedly, Ayurveda is the perfect medicine for nervous weakness. It helps to regain interest in what a person does - from daily activities to concentrating on his or her work again, spending more time with his or her loved ones and thus enjoy life a lot more.

There are various kinds of ayurvedic nerve tonic that a person can take to lessen their problem in nerves, for example, Supragya from Ath Ayurdhamah. This nerve tonic is a natural anxiety medication as well as helps to fight depression. It helps in the nourishment of the brain and helps in avoiding the negative stress in one's life. It also helps in avoiding various kinds of psychic related problems, thus making the life of a person more healthy and happy.

Advice for Diet and Lifestyle to Follow

  • Maintaining good food habits is very much necessary to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining discipline is also very useful in staying clear of any kinds of mental disorder.
  • Ayurveda says that waking up early in the morning is one of the best medicine for anxiety and fighting depression. Waking up and doing various kinds of exercises, yoga, etc. Is another easy and natural medicine for nervous weakness. It will also help in maintaining a positive attitude.
  • Intake of fresh foods, including various kinds of vegetable and fruits, is very important. One should always try to avoid as much alcohol, spicy and non-vegetarian foods as possible.
  • One should always eat his or her meal in a full state of relaxation. There should be not serious hot topics for discussion during the meal that can lead to temper and arguments.
  • Spending or devoting some towards prayers or any kind of devotional tasks, like listening to calm music is very useful. Reading good books or even doing meditation can help in calming the mind.
  • One should try to share the experiences of life with someone else in the family or even in the friends' circle. This will help in getting support from the family and friends as well. Thus, it prevents social isolation.


Thus, it can be easily seen that apart from maintaining a good lifestyle and eating good food, Supragya from Ath Ayurdhamah is really one of the best natural anxiety medication and depression-fighting ayurvedic solution one can ever find. Thus, it is very much necessary for someone who is suffering from life problems like these, the above steps should be taken as fast as possible, to avoid any mishaps.