How to Treat Back Pain

How to Treat Back Pain Efficiently Without Any Surgeries?

Ath Ayurdhamah

Although it is more common among the older people, there are certain cases where the younger generation tends to develop severe back pain problems due to prolonged sitting posture, biological factors, and disease of the degenerated disc. Moreover, slipped disc has also become an evident factor in the medical field of back pain problems. In order to get relief from problems like lumbar spine, there are a number of Ayurvedic medicines and natural remedies.

The Various Causes of Back Pain

There are no specific causes of back pain as such. Different people suffer from back pain due to different reasons. One of the major back pain causes is the advent of strain or injury on the muscles or specific ligaments. Moreover, particular kinds of muscle spasms and damaged discs can also cause severe back pain problems.

In certain cases, the onset of various diseases like arthritis, Osteoporosis and kidney stones also act as evident causes of backache issues. In order to get the most reliable and easy low back pain treatment at home, one should try to carry out certain natural and Ayurvedic remedies.

This is because Ayurveda also looks after the complete cure of the problem with the use of natural ingredients and solutions without the use of any kind of synthetic or unnatural products. Therefore, there are no such side effects associated with the involvement of Ayurveda.

The Cure for Herniated Disc

Herniated disc, also known as the slipped disc is basically a condition that affects the spine’s intervertebral discs. The mentioned slipped disc tends to peep out of its initial position and exerts a pressure on the specific nerves coming out from the vertebral column.

This condition is characterised by numbness and pain in the back, increase in pain while sitting or standing and the weakening of the muscles of the legs and back. The best low back pain cure in Ayurveda is the introduction of various healing therapies which helps to strengthen all the supportive tissues that are evidently holding your spine.

Moreover, these healing therapies tend to release all the nerve compressions and muscle spasms and relax the body for the perfect low back pain cure.

Is Physical Therapy Effective?

Another way of curing back pain is physical therapy. Here the entire stress is laid on releasing the muscular tensions of the body with the help of therapeutic approaches. It is popularly known that the stability of the lumbar spine is dependent on the stomach and the muscles of the lower back. Therefore, in order to stabilize the support for the lumbar spine, the tension of the lower back muscles must be efficiently released. That is where back pain physical therapy is effective. Physical therapy is a method of curing backache without the involvement of any kind of medicines and it comprises of only exercises and a strict diet plan.

Proper Treatment of Back Pain

Now if you are still confused on the fact on how to treat back pain in the most efficient manner then you should know the point that regular painkillers and antibiotics are not the solutions. They would provide temporary relief to the patient but failed to solve the problem permanently.

In this situation, Ayurveda has come up with a brilliant solution for controlling and effectively curing major lower back problems without the help of any kind of surgeries. All you need to do is use a solution named Kalyani Lepa, which is basically a paste made up of various useful herbs and powders, for external use only.

This lepa has to be applied on the back and lower back area of the patient and massaged efficiently in order to provide instant relief from the severe back pain problems and many other related complications. Apart from this, you can also rely upon different healing therapeutic oil messages that would make sure that all the backache problems are solved easily.

You need to keep faith in the advent and advancement of Ayurveda which is working really hard to provide relief to its patients from all the major health problems. Due to the absence of any kind of related side effects, Ayurvedic treatment is considered to be one of the most sought-after treatment processes in the world.