Ayurvedic Remedies for Sinus

The Most Useful Ayurvedic Remedies for Sinus

Ath Ayurdhamah

Sinusitis in popularly known as Pina’s in the books of Ayurveda which mentions it as a condition where the specific sinuses are evidently blocked due to the presence of mucus and thus become inflamed. This condition may occur with any consideration of the age or gender of the person. In most cases, kids get to know about the onset of Sinusitis when they go for nasal allergy treatment in Ayurveda. Usually, this condition is characterized by the presence of heaviness in the patient’s head, sneezing and runny or blocked nose.

It has been observed and conducted that in order to eradicate the problems of sinus, the patient should be first provided with an adequate nasal allergy treatment in Ayurveda. Here the use of various Ayurvedic herbs and a strict diet plan along with various nasal therapies would result in curing the problems of an acute nasal allergy in the sinus.

Sinus Congestion Is a Real Pain

Sinusitis is often accompanied by the severe problem of sinus congestion where a running or a stuffy nose is common for the patients. Whenever the patient tends to develop a sinus cold, the nose membranes get agitated and hence they swell up which leads to the production of excessive mucus in the nose, making it very difficult for the person to breathe. This breathing problem might lead to some hazardous problems in the future and therefore, an Ayurvedic medicine for sinus congestion is extremely essential for all the sinus patients.

Moreover, some useful home remedies for sinus cold involve the use of Ajwain for clearing a stuffy nose within a few minutes. Even the consumption of garlic juice along with basil extracts, honey and clove lead to the Ayurvedic treatment for a blocked nose. In this case, even inhalation of steam with the help of a few drops of Ajwain and Camphor might work wonders. Therefore, for the proper eradication of the condition, suitable Ayurvedic treatment for the blocked nose should be implied to avoid any kind of breathing issues.

How to Deal With Severe Sinus Congestion?

Whenever a patient comes across severe sinus congestion, there are certain things that should be kept in mind for the proper removal of the problem. It has been said that drinking lots of water with the flavour of strong spices leads to the purification of the sinuses of specific toxins. Plus this solution helps in throwing out all the toxic waste that has been produced inside the body. This flavoured water works efficiently like an Ayurvedic medicine for sinus congestion without showing any signs of side effects.

In order to keep the mucus-producing tracts of your nose clean, it is always recommended to flush or clean your nasal passage. In this way, the sinus pain tends to loosen up and makes way for normal breathing abilities of the nose.

This condition provides the patients with the possibility of consuming extremely spicy foods. As the consumption of spices like hot peppers, mustard, curry, wasabi sometimes help in clearing the sinuses of the patients.

Ayurveda Is the Answer

There are a number of speculations on why you should select Ayurveda for treating your sinusitis. The most perfect answer to this speculation would be the use of naturally effective ingredients in each and every Ayurvedic medicine for a sinus infection.

You can opt for an Ayurvedic natural solution named Ath Shwaso Ojas which tends to solve all the problems related to the respiratory system including Sinusitis. All you need to do is consume two capsules of this Ayurvedic medicine for sinus in Hindi, for three times a day after your meals and it would make sure that your sinus is in control.

Now while deciding on your Ayurvedic medicine for sinus in Hindi, you need to be firm on the context that consumption of various antibiotics and the use of synthetic products might just lead to a more complicated problem in the future. So in that case, the best possible treatment way would always be the use of Ayurvedic medicines as they do not involve any kind of side effects.