Ayurvedic Treatment for Cholesterol

Use Efficacious Ayurvedic Treatment for Cholesterol Reduction


Cholesterol is an essential substance that the body produces and can even acquire from the animal-derived foods. It is the oil-based substance that does not mix up with the blood. Lipoproteins carry the cholesterol parcels throughout the body. There are two kinds of lipoproteins in the body. One type is the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or ‘bad cholesterol’ and the other type is the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or ‘good cholesterol’. It is essential to lower the ‘bad cholesterol’ from the body with effective ayurvedic treatment for cholesterol. Ath Suspandan is the best ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol.

What are the Functions of Cholesterol?

There are four basic functions of cholesterol that are essential for the survival of human beings.

  • They maintain the structural framework of the cell wall.
  • They contribute towards producing the ‘digestive bile acids’ that help in vitamin absorption and digestion.
  • Cholesterol helps the body to produce ‘Vitamin D’.
  • Cholesterol plays the vital role in generating certain hormones in the body such as progesterone, oestrogen, testosterone, cortisone, and aldosterone.

What Causes High Cholesterol in the Body?

High cholesterol can lead to heart attacks. The LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol is a huge ‘risk factor’ for the ‘coronary heart disease’ that can cause heart attacks. Cholesterol build-up can cause atherosclerosis or narrowing of the arteries leading to restriction in the blood flow.

In addition to generating in the body, it is acquired from the diet. Certain foods contain high cholesterol such as cheese, meat, dairy products, deep fried items, processed food, chocolates, baked food items etc. To avoid high cholesterol in the body it is wise to limit the intake of such food items. With effective Ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol, you can lower the level of ‘bad cholesterol’ or LDL in your body.

Apart from diet, genetics play an important role in producing high cholesterol in the body. For example, high LDL is found in the body in the genetic disease familial hypercholesterolemia. Obesity or overweight can be the cause of high levels of LDL in the body.

Abnormal levels of cholesterol can arise in the body due to kidney or liver disease, diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome (POS), pregnancy, ‘underactive’ thyroid gland, drugs like anabolic steroids, progestins, corticosteroids etc. With herbal treatment of high cholesterol, the level of LDL or bad cholesterol can be reduced in the body.

What is the Desirable Level of ‘LDL’ and ‘HDL’ Cholesterol in the Body?

It is healthy to keep the level of LDL below 100mg/dL in the body. A level of (100-129) mg/dL is not harmful to those without health problems but is dangerous for those with heart disease. A level of (130-159) mg/dL is ‘borderline high’ and (160-189)mg/dL is high.

The optimum level of HDL is over 60 mg/dL in the body. An HDL level below 40 mg/dL is risky for those suffering from heart disease and (41-59) mg/dL is considered to be borderline low.

The Role of Ayurveda in Keeping the Cholesterol Level Balanced

Ayurvedic treatment for cholesterol involves maintaining healthy quantity and quality of fat tissue or ‘medha dhatu’ in the body. According to the concept of Ayurvedic treatment for high cholesterol, when the fat tissue or medha dhatu present in the body is balanced, the cholesterol in the body is balanced as well.

The Ayurvedic remedies for cholesterol are based on ‘balance’. An organized lifestyle and well-balanced diet contribute to the balancing of the five senses, mind and body. Ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol is geared towards balancing the digestive fire. This forms the basis of good digestion. When all the functions of the body are balanced such as digestion, elimination, and assimilation, the cholesterol and lipid tissue are also balanced.

What Is the Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Cholesterol?

Ath Suspandan is an effective ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol. An array of powerful herbs such as Arjuna, Pushkarmool, Shankhpushpi, Punarnava, Brahmi, Gokchhur and Guggulu has been used for making this herbal formulation. As one of the effective Ayurvedic remedies for cholesterol, 2 capsules of Ath Suspandan is recommended twice daily along with tepid water. One capsule is to be taken after breakfast and the other after 5 p.m. It is an effective herbal remedy used for treating a defect in blood circulation, atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia, and tachycardia.

Another effective herbal formulation used in the treatment for high cholesterol is Ath Nirogyam. The powerful herbs in the formulation are Shatavri, Amlak, Yasthimadhu, Arogya Vardhini Vati. This herbal remedy is recommended to be taken twice daily. One tablet is to be taken immediately after breakfast and the other one after 5 p.m.

Some Effective Home Remedies Used for Treating Cholesterol

Apart from some of the best ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol, you can try effective home remedies for cholesterol as well. Home remedies prove to be effective in treating high cholesterol. Boil 4 cloves of crushed garlic in a mixture of I cup each of milk and water. Boil the mixture till it reduces to 1 cup. The name of this herbal remedy is ‘Lahsun Ksheer Paak’. Filter this mixture and have one cup of this healthy herbal drink on your empty stomach every morning. This is an effective ayurvedic treatment for cholesterol. Having this herbal solution every morning would help in improving your lipid profile.