IBS Medicine in Ayurveda

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Best Cured by IBS Medicine in Ayurveda


An irritable bowel can massively curb how well you function in a day and when then the problem becomes persistent, it hampers your well being altogether. Even after going through several rounds in the toilet, sometimes your bowels are just not satisfactorily clear. This is called the irritable bowel syndrome, shortened to IBS. Natural remedies for IBS are extremely effective in eliminating all kinds of uneasiness and problems you might encounter as a result of the syndrome.

Ayurvedic Treatment for IBS

IBS Ayurveda has formulated the best remedies for irritable bowel syndrome with hundreds of years of philosophical and botanical research. Medicines in Ayurveda are all made with herbs of classic quality, all of which are directly beneficial for the body in soothing an irritable bowel.

An irritable bowel shows symptoms such as abdominal pain, gas formation, diarrhoea, constipation, flatulence and even mucus in the stool. All these are related to the large intestine and bowels, both of which are the site of occurrence of IBS. IBS medicine in Ayurveda targets each issue in the body and cures right of the roots of the causes with a holistic approach.

The Medicine

There are quite a few natural fruits and also herbs like Bel, Saunf, Kutaj, Makoy, Chitrak, Nagarmotha, Chiraita, etc. which is highly recommended treating an irritable bowel. However, Ayurvedic treatment for irritable bowel syndrome has come up with a medicine which contains all the necessary nutritional values in one potion.

Samdeepan is the medicine formulated for curing the irritable bowel syndrome. It is used to soothe irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, ulcerative colitis and suchlike. Samdeepan capsules contain water along with essential extracts from Bel, Saunf, Kutaj, Makoy, Nagarmotha, Chitrak, Chirayta, Jeerak, Pudina, Ajwain, Kutki, Shunthi, Pippali, Marich, Chavya, Haritaki, Vai Vidang, Atis, Hingu, Sandhav Lawan, Sauvarchal Lawan and Yav Chhar.

Each of these is highly beneficial to cure irritable bowels and directly interacts and cures all the pertaining problems in the large intestine.

When the syndrome is uncontrollable and severe, two other ayurvedic medicines for irritable bowel syndrome that should be added to the above are Kutja Risht and Chitrakadi Vati. These contain herbs for a natural bowel regulation.

The medicine is to be consumed for three months or as required according to the severity of the particular case, twice a day, once after lunch and once after dinner. Apart from these ingestible capsules, a liquid is also available which is drunk before bedtime in dosages of 1-2 tbps.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment for IBS

Ayurvedic treatment for irritable bowel syndrome is better than chemical treatment because of several contributing factors. Unlike chemicals, Ayurveda provides long-lasting solutions to all chronic irritable bowel syndrome problems so that once you are under treatment, recurrence of symptoms after finishing is not possible.

IBS medicine in Ayurveda is safe to use because of its 100% herbal composition which ensures not only target specific treatment but also a wholesome improvement in the health of the digestive and immune systems. In the process of strengthening the systems and improving the flow and occurrence of bowel movements, natural remedies for IBS leave no side effects, while chemicals and allopathy fail to keep up. They cause weakness and loss of physical strength and muscle control, which never happens in Ayurveda.

Treatment for IBS Ayurveda also provides you with protection against further symptoms of IBS by creating a diet chart. A proper and healthy diet containing balanced inputs of all essential minerals, vitamins, and fibres plays a major role in the control of bowel movements. With a diet plan formulated for you, you can prevent further weakening of the large intestine by ensuring that you eat healthily.

Not only is the treatment effective, but is also extremely speedy. The rapid progress your bowels make is remarkably different from chemical and allopathic medicines. It leaves more lasting effects than allopathy, yet works faster because of the holistic wellness routine which targets both the internal and external factors of the body.

Ayurvedic medicine for irritable bowel syndrome is the best in the market and the most effective since our bodies are directly connected with natural elements. With natural remedies for irritable bowel syndrome, you get wholesome benefits on your agenda to improve your health and warding off all the worries, physical discomfort and social hindrances that stand as obstacles in life.