Long-term Solution for Obesity

Ayurveda - The Best Long-term Solution for Obesity


Obesity is a condition in which a person just weighs excess than the normal. This accumulation of excess body fat in human beings is generally caused when there is more intake of calories as compared to the calories being burned. This leads to excess calories being stored in the body giving rise to fat deposition. Obesity is a problem which both children and adults are facing these days. Excess weight in human beings can give rise to several serious health-concerning issues and thus needs to be controlled effectively.

Causes of Obesity:

  • Obesity can be due to genetic factors and due to the lifestyle habits followed in the family.
  • Negative emotions like sadness, boredom, and anger can also lead to obesity.
  • Lack of physical activities is one of the most vital causes of obesity in today‚Äôs generation.
  • Binge eating is another factor which leads to fat deposition in human beings.

Ayurveda Explains The Causes Of Obesity:

As per Ayurveda, the vital causes of obesity have been explained in detail for the proper understanding of the people.

  • Avyayama: no physical exertion
  • Divaswapna: sleeping in the afternoon
  • Shleshmala Ahara Vihara: lifestyle and diet which leads to increase in the Kapha
  • Madhura Annaha: consumption of excessive sweetened foods

Ayurvedic Treatment for Obesity

In Ayurvedic terms, obesity is defined as the Medarog, which gets caused due to the aggravation of the Kapha. Kaphaas per Ayurveda is heavy, dense, slow, wet, sticky and cold in nature. It governs the lubrication and structure of the body and mind. Kapha also controls the formation of excess weight in the body and also determines the formation of several tissues like nutritive fluids, fat, blood, bones, marrow, muscles, etc.

When Kapha is in a balanced state, it offers nourishment to the tissues. However, when it gets aggravated, it results in the production of several toxins inside the body. These toxins being dense and heavy in nature accumulate in the weaker sections of the human body. This, in turn, results in blockage of that part. In obesity, the toxins accumulate in the channels of fat which causes the increased production of the fat tissues.

The treatment offered by Ayurveda for obesity aims at pacifying the Kapha dosha. There are several natural medicines and herbs which help in effectively calming down the Kapha. These supplements are safe and do not harm a patient in any way. Ayurveda does not promise any instant results to the patients. A good diet along with the natural herbs if followed for about 4 to 6 months can definitely bring about changes in the body shape of obese people.

Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss:

  • Eating slowly can help in decreasing hunger
  • Jogging, walking, and playing any type of outdoor games can help in weight reduction
  • Consumption of bitter vegetables are very effective in the weightloss regime
  • Horse gram and green gram are quite effective in reducing medha and Kapha
  • Set short-term realistic goals for losing weight so that you do not get bored and frustrated with the process.
  • Make lifestyle changes gradually so that you can be determined to follow them religiously.
  • Staying motivated and happy is the key to weight loss as per Ayurveda.
  • Do not skip on the natural herbs which can make your weight loss progress much faster.

Home Remedies for Weight Loss:

  • Mint tree can be great for people trying to lose weight
  • Warm water with honey on empty stomach is an excellent remedy for weight loss
  • Ginger tea before meals helps to control hunger which in turn helps in weight loss

Making these few changes in your daily habits you can eliminate the risk of dangerous diseases like stroke, arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. which are mostly caused due to excess weight in human beings. So, adopt the Ayurvedic line of natural treatment and feel lighter ina few months.