Deal with Diabetes

Natural Ways to Deal with Diabetes


The number of people suffering from diabetes is increasing day by day and today it gets considered as an epidemic. Millions of new cases are reported each year of people diagnosed with this dangerous disease. As per the American Diabetes Association, this disease counts among the 7thdeadly diseases known in medical science. This one disease can impair several organs of the human body leading to blindness, disorders in the nervous system and kidney failure. The medical term for diabetes is Diabetes Mellitus which indicates the combination of several metabolic diseases. In such a situation, the person experiences a spike in the blood sugar levels.

Various Forms of Diabetes:

Mainly, there are two types of diabetes which people get diagnosed with.

  • The Type1 Diabetes: This form of the disease is not quite common. In this condition, the body becomes incapable of producing any insulin. Especially children get diagnosed with this type of diabetes. Sometimes young adults also face this problem. Here, the main solution is insulin injection and a proper diet which can bring the level of blood sugar back to normal again.
  • The Type2 Diabetes: This one is the most popular type of diabetes which is known to all. Almost 90% of the people suffer from the type2 form of diabetes. In this condition, the human body cannot produce sufficient amount of insulin or the cells of the body fail to respond to the insulin properly.

Sometimes, pregnant women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes during the time of their pregnancy period.

Treatment for the Disease:

Today, there are several medications available for diabetes. The physicians you visit will prescribe you several medicines along with injections to balance the insulin levels. Most people depend on the allopathic treatment of diabetes intaking several medicines the entire day. However, it is important to understand that these medications are nothing but strong drugs that people are having each day. They have their own side-effects harming the other parts of the body in a severe manner.

People can control their blood sugar levels with certain lifestyle changes and exercises. Several home remedies like the juice of bottle gourd, basil leaves, bel leaves, and margosa leave if taken early morning on empty stomach, can really be helpful for controlling the sugar levels. Bitter gourd and gooseberry juices also work wonders on diabetes.

Another excellent remedy which diabetic patients can adopt is the treatment of Ayurveda. This traditional method of treatment is time-tested and has excellent remedies which can cure almost every disease in human beings from the root. Ayurveda aims at treating the human body as a whole instead of just focusing on the particular symptom. The herbs used in Ayurveda to make different diabetic medicines are purely natural and they help to revive the generation of insulin inside the body of the patient. These natural ingredients also help to strengthen the other parts of the body instead of causing any damage or side-effects.

Ayurvedic Ingredients That Work Magic in Treating Diabetes:

  • Jamun
  • Guduchi
  • Neem
  • Karela
  • Amalaki
  • Pippali
  • Haridra
  • Arjuna
  • Kasni
  • Tejpatra
  • Karanj

These miraculous ingredients are all combined together to make capsules which diabetic patients can take along with their daily diet. This Ayurvedic remedy not just works on diabetes but is also helpful in treating several other complications which the patients might face. Gradually with the intake of this natural and safe medicine, the patient can rely less on the prescribed medications or insulin.

Some Other Changes to Make:

The Ayurvedic remedy can only show its 100% effect on the patient if along with the medicine he or she makes certain changes in the lifestyle:

  • Walking in the morning or evening is a must
  • Avoid the intake of junk and sugar-containing food items
  • Light yoga practice can be immensely helpful
  • Routine check-up of vital organs like heart, liver, kidney, etc. are quite important

So, just one Ayurvedic capsule along with healthy food habits can help people fight against this most common disease.