Piles Treatment in Ayurveda

Piles Treatment in Ayurveda to Cure Bleeding Piles

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Piles or haemorrhoids are unfortunately a very common sickness these days. Among 1 out of every 4 ageing, people face this problem where the inflammation of the rectum area occurs and bleeding is often accompanied with it. Now the exact cause of piles or haemorrhoids is not known but there can be various causes. Pregnancy can even bring along piles. The disease might be hereditary and anybody can get it from their previous generation of ancestors.

What Are Bleeding Piles?

During the defecation of the patient, if the patient bleeds then it can be due to piles. Now bleeding piles do have a lot of symptoms. However, what are piles? Now piles are a soft and delicate compilation of tissues and nerve cells that form a lining around the anal canal region of the body. During the passage of the excreta, if too much pressure or strain is put on this delicate region it causes the patient pain and he or she might also bleed in some cases.

What Are The Types Of Piles?

Each and every person has piles. But not everyone’s piles cause them trouble and discomfort or bleeding. If you consider the bleeding there can be two types of piles- the bleeding kind and the non-bleeding kind. Bleeding piles are really unhealthy and they pose a threat to the person's life and hence should be treated as soon as possible.

They can cause physical as well as mental damage to the patient. Now, Ayurveda has been scientifically proved to be the best piles remedy as it naturally restores the blood count in the patient's body without causing any further harm to the body.

Bleeding piles can also be cured through certain herbs which are a great remedy for piles as it reduces the bleeding during defecation. Now bleeding too much during the passage of stool is harmful to one’s health. It can be fatal as well as it causes anaemia, deficiency of haemoglobin, light-headedness, dizziness, nausea and frequent fainting.

The mass of bleeding piles can also be reduced with the regular use of Ayurvedic herbs and natural treatment. It is often accepted throughout the world that Ayurveda is actually the best medicine for piles. The non-bleeding piles are another problem but it does not cause as much as harm to the body as bleeding piles. Piles are generally considered as one’s health’s adversary and are known to be Arsh. Bleeding piles are known as ‘raktrash’.

Piles treatment in Ayurveda is generally considered to be conserved about three types of problems. There are three kinds of piles and their respective piles' treatment in Ayurveda. These are the Vata type of piles which are extremely aching. The second kind is Pitta type of piles which can cause bleeding. Other symptoms can include diarrhoea, fever and excessive thirst for water. The third and the last kind of piles are known as the Kapha type of piles which can cause indigestion and acidity.

Piles Treatment in Ayurveda for Bleeding Piles:

While there are many natural herbs for piles cure in Ayurveda, there are many effective tablets as well which good remedies for piles are. Ayurveda is the best medicine for piles because bleeding piles mostly occur in the age group of 40-60. These people are ageing and other methods of piles remedy other than Ayurveda has the mandatory practice of operating on the patient. Not always are the bodies ready for such kind of trouble and unnecessary pain.

So while it still has time and the disease is curable, the patients are provided with effective and prompt piles cure in Ayurveda. Remedies for piles include herbal tablets such as Suran Yog and Arsh Kuthar both of which are to be taken after breakfast and then again after 5 o’clock in the evening.

Another piles remedy is the regular intake of Athagni and Triffla Guggul which are both to be taken after lunch and dinner. Other optional piles remedy includes the intake of Athgol which can be taken as directed by the doctor just before bedtime. Sphatika is one of the piles cures which have to be taken in carefully once or twice every day.

All these remedies for piles are however not to be taken without the directions of a doctor or physician. It will be the best if one goes through proper checkups and examination before the treatment of piles is started.

Apart from these piles cure in Ayurveda, Ayurveda is that field of medicine which believes in the natural method of changing your body through positive reinforcements in one’s lifestyle is the best medicine for piles.

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