Ayurvedic Treatments for Breathing Problems

Natural and Ayurvedic Treatments for Breathing Problems

Breathing Problems

Oxygen is necessary for all of us to survive. In this age of globalisation, the air has become extremely polluted. The pollutants, which are very harmful to our health, make us prone to diseases. Lung and airborne diseases have therefore become so common irrespective of age. The respiratory system is a part of our body important for breathing process. The impurities like dust particles and harmful gases in the air, cause many breathing troubles and diseases including sinusitis.

Respiratory problems may be minor like common cough and cold or major disease ones like pneumonia. Both upper the lower respiratory system can get affected due to these diseases.

Examples of Respiratory Diseases

  • Chronic Bronchitis- If an irritant reaches the bronchi and bronchioles and stimulates excessive secretion of mucus, it results in Chronic Bronchitis. As the air passages get clogged, it results in a persistent cough.
  • Emphysema- It is caused due to the breakdown of the delicate walls of alveoli.
  • Asthma- One suffers from asthma because of the obstructions in bronchi and bronchioles.
  • Pneumonia- When in the alveoli, tissue fluids are accumulated. This infection is mainly caused by bacteria and viruses.

Symptoms of Respiratory Diseases

  • Painful cough
  • Troubled, harsh and shallow breathing
  • Obstruction and congestion in nose
  • Less sense of smelling
  • Irritation of eyes
  • Discoloured discharge from nose
  • Draining down at the back of throat
  • Harsh breathing
  • Wheezing
  • Congestion in chest

Herbal Remedies for Treating Breathing Issues

Inhaling the steam of water mixed with clove oil, eucalyptus oil, and crushed mint leaves is great to reduce breathing troubles. Also inhaling the smell of peeled buds of garlic or taking honey with a teaspoon of ginger juice twice a day also works wonders.

  • Eucalyptus: Originated in Australia, Eucalyptus is very helpful in soothing irritation in the throat. It cough syrups also, eucalyptus is used. Eucalyptus, containing antioxidants is very good for building the immune system and giving relief from congestion.
  • Lungwort: This flowering rhizomatous is helpful in resembling in clearing lung congestion. It also gives protection against organism which is harmful.
  • Oregano: Very rich in vitamins and nutrients, oregano primarily strengthens the immune system. Two acid contents of oregano i.e. carvacrol and rosmarinic give relief from congestion and clear the respiratory tract and nasal passage to make the airflow usual.
  • Plantain Leaf: It has been in use for many years now to give relief from cough and in soothing the mucous membranes. Along with working against cough, cold and irritation in lungs, the added advantage is Plantain Leaf is very useful to give relief from a dry cough in the lungs.
  • Elecampane: Originated 200 years back, Elecampane has been in use as a prime content in cough lozenges and cough syrups. Two components i.e. insulin and alantolactone smoothens the tracheal passage and gives a soothing effect on bronchial passage.
  • Lobelia: Lobelia consists of lobeline or alkaloid which helps in thinning mucus and breaking up congestion. Also, it triggers the stimulation of adrenal glands which releases epinephrine which helps in relaxing the airways and helps in easy breathing.
  • Chaparral: Mainly containing antioxidants, Chaparral fights against harmful organisms. It influences the expectorant action which in a way supports respiratory problems by clearing the airways of mucus.
  • Peppermint: Apart from being an antioxidant, it contains soothing components like menthol and antihistamine which is very effective in smoothening muscles of the respiratory tract, ensuring hassle-free breathing and clearing congestion.
  • Asha Root: Containing camphor and other compounds, the roots of Osha have been proved to be one of the most effective herbs to support the lungs. The Asha root plays a vital role in making it easier to take deep breathes by increasing the circulation.

Also, herbs like Guduchi Vasa, Shirish, Haridra, Yasthimadhu, Kantkari, Shunthi, Amaltas, Marich, Pippali, Vibhitaki, Ela, Dalchini, Vanshlochan, SphatikaBhasm, PravalPishti and Tankan Bhasm are very effective against breathing problems.

Having a cup of warm water twice a day, taking radish and banana in your meal, having morning walk regularly, chanting ‘om', practising Pranayama, avoiding junk food, having Trikatu Churn and using a mask in dusty place can help you to get rid of the respiratory troubles.

The respiratory diseases need special care. Several allergy sprays are available in the market, which can provide only temporary relief and also have side effects. Thankfully, Ayurveda is available to rescue with its herbal medicines made with age old experience and natural components to give relief from the respiratory diseases. One should choose Ayurveda as it treats the whole of the body in spite of treating just the affected part.

Even in this century old remedy gives relief permanently. One such great Ayurvedic medicine is Ath Shwaso Ojas. It is a natural ayurvedic treatment for all the complications associated with respiratory diseases. Ath Shwaso Ojas is a natural capsule without any side effects. It is a safe Ayurvedic treatment.